Errin Mixon

GeoEx staff Director of Asia, Errin Mixon, with eagle hunter in Kyrgyzstan.

Junior Front-end Developer & Web Designer

Raised by a family of non-travelers, Errin hadn't ventured much beyond her own backyard—until she fell into the travel industry, quite by accident, in 2006. Amazed at how large the world is, she’s delighted to have found her travel legs. They've taken her climbing up cliffs in scenic Bhutan, traipsing through temples and hidden caves in Southeast Asia, and sampling spices across India. She picked up fierce bartering skills in Egypt's souks, prayed with pilgrims in Tibet, wandered through parts of Nepal and China, and traced the Silk Road from Turkmenistan through Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan. Most recently she’s mingled with the abundant wildlife of the Galápagos and western Africa—racking up a staggering 17 countries during her tenure at GeoEx. She’s even convinced her family to apply for passports.

"I’ve been fortunate to explore so many wonderful places in my career," Errin says. After years in Sales and Operations, Errin is now exploring a new frontier: web development, as part of our Marketing team.

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