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Woman exploring Ta Phrom Temple in Angkor, Cambodia

There are few travel experiences more exciting than taking a solo trip, let alone a solo international trip. It's no wonder that about one third of GeoEx guests are solo travelers. If you are looking for an itinerary that includes a little challenge, but with some comfort; independence, but with some company, we are here to help. You don't need to go mountaineering for a month on your own for it to "count" as a solo travel vacation (although we certainly support that decision). Another option is to sign up for one of our small group trips which will make it easier to travel to exotic destinations and not worry about your safety or feeling lonely. You don't have to commit to the group experience for the entire trip; add a little pre- or post-time exploring things you are interested in, like a quick shopping spree in Singapore or a food tour in Thailand. 

The thought of exploring an unfamiliar country on your own can be a daunting one. GeoEx is your partner in planning, safety, and comfort, whether joining a group or creating your own adventure. We connect you with exceptional insider experiences, topflight guides and accommodations, and seamless logistics.

  • Spot lions and hyenas from your safari vehicle, finishing the day toasting the wildlife of Botswana with new friends.
  • Tour a women-owned cooperative and savor a cooking lesson between strolling souks and meeting locals in Morocco.
  • Split off from the group for some time to yourself and an afternoon sipping tea on a luxurious hotel veranda in India.
  • Hike an ancient mountain path, climbing 700 steps, and crossing a gorge laced with prayer flags to arrive at the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan for some self-reflection.

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Past and Present Civilizations in Southern Mexico

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Essence of Bhutan

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Pakistan's Hunza Valley

Where Three Empires Meet

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Fun Fact

Each year, 9 million American women travel overseas alone, and not all of them are single─women with partners often choose to travel solo.

A young lady watches the sun go down over the dunes.

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