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Australia and Tasmania

Down under and outback

Ayers Rock in the Northern Territories, Australia
Red-necked wallaby bounding across a grassy clearing in Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland, Australia
Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park, Australia
Ayers Rock in the Northern Territories, Australia

Luxury Australia Tours

Mark Twain summed up this continent as "full of surprises and adventures, and incongruities and incredulities." On a luxury trip to Australia our travelers devour Outback adventure and amazing nature, served up with Down Under hospitality and perhaps washed down with Australia’s alluring wines. Your Australia tour may tramp through its wildest wildernesses, peacefully pursue kangaroos and wallabies, explore sheep stations, swim with dolphins near cliffy shores, and savor the massive solitude of Australia.

  • Explore the vast Outback, from the tranquil billabongs of the Top End to the endless crimson dunes of the Red Centre.
  • Helicopter over geological wonders in the Kimberley, snorkel from a private island on the Great Barrier Reef .
  • Hike through bush on Kangaroo Island or rain forest in the Daintree, and explore aboriginal rock art in Arnhem Land.
  • Discover Tasmania, hiking Freycinet National Park, and Cradle Mountain.

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Ranches, Rain Forests, and Reefs

On this far-ranging Ozian jaunt, you experience dazzling contrasts between big city and the quintessential Australian outback landscape. The charms of Australian country hospitality take hold in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia’s most beautiful mountains, before you fly to Kangaroo Island for up-close wildlife encounters. It’s a journey rich in water adventure: you may sail… Continued

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Amazing Tasmania with a Touch of Melbourne

Revel in Australia's Wildlife, Ancient Forests, and Beaches

Separated from Australia by the Bass Strait, Tasmania long ago seceded—not politically, but geologically—from the island continent. More than a third of Tasmania is a savage, beautiful network of national parks and Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, a refuge and habitat for rare plants and animals. Its European heritage dates to the early 1800s, while… Continued

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