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Strong culture and stunning architecture

The golden interior dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan, Iran
Shah-e Cheragh Sanctuary at sunset, Shiraz, Iran
An artist crafts tapestries in his workshop, Iran
The golden interior dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Esfahan, Iran

Luxury Iran Tours

Iran is celebrated for its cultural riches. Its ornate mosques and magnificent ruins of ancient cities, particularly Persepolis, are reminders of Iran's cultural brilliance. GeoEx has been at the forefront of Iran travel since 1993, introducing its wonders, from the pinnacles of Islamic architecture in splendid Esfahan to the pulsing Grand Bazaar of Tabriz. Trek in the serene Alborz Mountains and visit with gracious nomads in the southwest on a custom Iran trip.

  • Visit Persia's former capital at Esfahan, with its stunning architecture, on the banks of the Zayandeh River.
  • Stroll the Grand Bazaar, many museums and Golestan Palace in the bustling city of Tehran.
  • The birthplace of the Farsi language, Shiraz is a beautiful base to explore the ruins at Persepolis from.
  • Make a multi-day trek up and active volcano, passing hot springs and glaciers at Mount Damavand.

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Treasures of Persia

Discover Iran's Cultural Wonders and Openhearted People

Iran, formerly known as Persia, is a country of extreme friendliness and piercing beauty, as many Westerners are finally discovering. We at GeoEx consider ourselves lucky: we’ve been exploring and reveling in these captivating aspects since we began taking travelers there in 1993. On this carefully crafted Group Trip, we delve into Iran’s exquisite cultural,… Continued

Group TRIP


from $11,875

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Essential Iran

A Custom Journey into Persia

Concise but comprehensive, this private journey provides a good, unhurried look at Iran’s most galvanizing cities. You’ll discover the highlights of Tehran and lovely Shiraz, known for gardens, poetry, and the remarkable Pink Mosque. You'll marvel at sensational ruins in Pasargadae and Persepolis, and stroll the desert city of Yazd, whose skyline is delightfully dotted… Continued

Custom TRIP


from $8,000

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