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Meet Linda De La Torre

Machu Picchu partially shrouded in clouds, Peru
GeoEx Trip Designer Linda De La Torre


Managing Director, Global Sales

With a natural curiosity for discovery, Linda approaches trip planning with an eye toward uncovering the unexpected for GeoEx travelers. She has deep knowledge across Latin America, from Cuba to Patagonia, but her experience hardly stops there. More than 20 years in the travel industry combined with firsthand knowledge from journeys through the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa give her a well-rounded understanding of the nuances of travel. Having planned illuminating itineraries in all of these regions and beyond Linda says “The more varied the travelers’ interests, the more fun I have building an adventure for them.” 

It helps that Linda is familiar with what intrigues travelers. She spent her childhood vacations in Mexico, where much of her family still resides. Years later, a month-long immersion program in Japan and a six-month taste of the sweet life in Italy showed her that her future was in travel. Her curiosity and appreciation for languages, architecture, anthropology, and food have guided her to continue exploring.

I want to thank Linda so much for organizing an absolutely incredible trip to Chile. It was impeccably planned, and all the connections, drivers, guides, and smallest details worked beautifully and truly made the trip seamless. It was such a profound relief to show up to each place and trust that the details had been taken care of…I think that is the biggest luxury of a trip like this! Thank you, thank you. 

– Elizabeth G.

Thank you Linda, for setting up what turned out to be a truly memorable and awesome trip for our family. Everything was really perfect—the time hiking in Argentina was superb—loved El Chalten—the guide was awesome—The Perito Merino Glacier day was quite amazing—all the logistics were perfect, and Explora Patagonia is truly a remarkable, wonderful place.

I really appreciate all you did for us, especially all the last minute arranging and re-arranging—you were truly fantastic!! 

– Dave G.

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