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Costumed dancer at Paro Tsechu festival in Paro, Bhutan

Festival Travel experiences

A riot of colors, cacophony of drums, sea of smiling faces, and the thrill of being a part of the celebration are some of the joys of traveling for a festival. Aside from being loads of fun, sharing these special occasions with locals creates a connection you may not encounter elsewhere. An invitation to a ceremony is spellbinding in a different way, with emotions that may range from somber to celebratory. Participating in unison with revelers singing, dancing, or simply experiencing traditional rituals offers insight into the customs and motivations of a culture.

The most spectacular events require careful advance planning. Avoiding long drives, inappropriate attire, and substandard accommodation elevates the experience. GeoEx is well-versed in what to expect for everything from a small ceremony in a village temple to nationwide celebrations. We procure the necessary invitations and reservations and explain the etiquette so you can dive into the pomp and pageantry. Ingrained in the culture, the history and complexities of festivals and ceremonies are revealed and celebrated with a knowledgeable local guide who can explain customs and finesse photography.

  • As guests of the royal palace, see the Ashanti King of Ghana arrive on a palanquin amid drums and horns for Akwasidae.
  • Get bombarded with colored powders and water during India's Holi festival, as GeoEx takes you far from the crowds to a small village.
  • Accompany Mongolian Kazakh eagle hunters on a ride before attending the action-packed Eagle Festival.
  • Stand among swirling Oaxacan skirts, flowery offering baskets, and sparkling fireworks as the parade passes at La Guelaguetza in Mexico.
  • Considered a blessing, attend a Bhutanese tsechu and witness the elaborate masked and costumed Buddhist dances in a monastery fortress called a dzong.

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Fun Fact

The date of the Indian festival of lights, Diwali, is determined by the position of the moon, and is said to light the way to bring fortune into the home.

Costumed dancer at Paro Tsechu festival in Paro, Bhutan

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