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West Africa

Voodoo traditions and Ashanti history

Women walking along road near Cotonou, Benin
Village elder dancing with drummers during voodoo ceremony in Atitogan, Togo
Colorful textiles in market in Accra, Ghana
Women walking along road near Cotonou, Benin

West Africa Cultural Tours

An unexpected and largely undiscovered destination, the people, traditions, and history of West Africa captivate us. Trips to West Africa expose a melange of cultures and experiences, each windows into the storied past and present of this region. With careful timing and exclusive invitation, our West Africa tours access special ceremonies and meet fascinating people, sharing personal and authentic conversations.

  • Absorb the colors and rhythms of Gelede and Egun voodoo mask dances in Benin.
  • Attend a voodoo trance ceremony in a small village and learn about animist beliefs and traditional medicine as you wander a fetish market in Togo.
  • Visit local Ashanti artisans in their studios and witness the lively Festival of Akwasidae in Ghana.
  • Explore the Gold Coast castles and forts once used in the slave trade with Europe.

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Mystical West Africa

Traditions, Voodoo, and Craft

We are fired up by this trip to West Africa, full of private access, unusual sights, and enchanting traditions. From Benin to Togo and then to Ghana, it’s a cultural exploration in which ceremony and tradition, along with landscapes of rain forest, swampland and coastline, demonstrate the region’s beautiful extremes. We’re honored with special invitations… Continued

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