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Adventure, by definition, involves the excitement of taking risks. As a company that has pioneered adventures to difficult-to-access and remote locations since 1982, GeoEx has also developed one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry. Managing travel surprises well can mean the difference between an adventure and a disaster. We are here to help.

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Our Travel Protection Program Includes

  • Emergency medical evacuation or transportation services up to $300,000
  • Secondary medical expense coverage (i.e. secondary to any coverage your primary insurance affords when you travel abroad) up to $50,000
  • Trip cancellation or interruption coverage, if unexpected covered medical problems require that you change your travel plans
  • Pre-existing conditions waiver applies when conditions are met
  • Coverage for baggage loss, theft, damage or delay
  • Toll-free access to Redpoint Resolution’s International’s 24/7 worldwide non-insurance emergency assistance services that can help you in a medical, dental or legal emergency; and assist with emergency cash transfers, lost travel documents and much more

For your convenience, the cost of this coverage will be reflected on the invoice for your GeoEx journey. To enroll in the program, simply pay the amount indicated along with your trip deposit, or at any time until (or with) final trip payment. Note: plan cost includes both insurance and non-insurance services.

For more information about the optional protection plan, go to:

GeoEx’s Travel Protection Program with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

For even greater peace of mind, GeoEx now offers an upgrade to the standard Guest Protection Program which allows you to cancel your journey for any reason for an additional cost. This new Cancel for Any Reason coverage significantly offsets the cost associated with cancelling a journey. Benefits and restrictions are as follows.

  • If you cancel your trip due to a non-covered reason you will be reimbursed for 75% of the supplier cancellation penalties
  • You must purchase the Guest Protection Program with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage within 15 days of trip deposit
  • Trip must be canceled 2 or more days before the scheduled trip departure date

If you have protection program questions or a claim, they can be handled quickly and efficiently on our administrator’s dedicated service line at +1 415-481-0727.

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