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New destinations, different ways to explore, and rare opportunities

Colorful street art in Comuna 13 in Medellin, Colombia

Traveling throughout the year, our staff is continually investigating newly opened borders, more authentic experiences, and recently launched flight routes connecting previously-inaccessible places. The world is far from static, and the best travel companies are constantly uncovering new ways to experience its rapidly changing wonders. New trips may explore unknown corners of familiar destinations, inspiring a second visit. They might highlight a rarely-seen event, like a solar eclipse or remote festival. Some trips travel with a celebrity guide, and a few delve into entirely new territory—but not without careful research and vetting.

While you may be among the first travelers to be thrilled by these experiences, there is no need to jump into the unknown unprepared. Behind the scenes, GeoEx has an entire team solely dedicated to finding the best routes, accommodations, experiences, and locations to create meaningful and seamless trips. Right now they are looking into new places and people for next year's adventures. Our travelers gravitate towards the edges of the map, craving journeys that open the mind, stir the soul, and captivate the senses. We share those passions and develop new trips every year with those desires in mind.

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Mount Cook from Hooker Valley at sunset, South Island, New Zealand
Peter Hillary's New Zealand

An Insider's New Zealand Adventure

Traditional funaya residences set against lush greenery in Ine, Japan
Unexplored Japan

History and Tradition in Western Honshu

Mystical Ladakh

Buddhism in the Himalayan High Desert

The iconic Plain of Temples seen from a hot-air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar
Myanmar Rediscovered

Fresh Perspectives on a Classic Journey

Trajan's Arch at the archaeological site of Timgad, Algeria
Algeria’s Shifting Sands

Forgotten Empires of the Maghreb

Western lowland gorilla silverback and juveniles in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Republic of the Congo
Congo & CAR: Wild Heart of Africa

Wildlife of Odzala-Kokoua National Park and Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve

Water cascades down through rain forest vegetation at Iguaza Falls, Argentina
Nomad woman milking mares in Mongolia
Nomads of Mongolia

Traditional Culture from Remote Mountains to Golden Dunes

Ancient hieroglyphs in Luxor on the West Bank of the Nile, Egypt
Egypt & Jordan

The Nile & the Sultan’s Road

Sunrise in Glencoe, Scotland
Scotland's Islands & Highlands

Wild Landscapes & Local Flavor

Aerial view of Mount Cook, New Zealand
Adventuring through New Zealand

Surreal Landscapes and Splendid Explorations from North to South

Spotting elephants in Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka
Adventure Across Sri Lanka

Wildlife, Tea Country & Fun-filled Explorations in Ceylon

Chile's Route of Parks

Day Hikes and Adventures in Wilderness

Girl holding water jar by decorated doorway of a traditional house in Paro, Bhutan
Essence of Bhutan: An All-Women Journey

Journey in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Snow leopard on rock in the Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Shadowing Mongolia's Snow Leopards

Meet the Nomads and Wildlife of the Altai Mountain Range

15th century Mausoleum of Bibi Jawindi, Pakistan
Southern Pakistan: Confluence of Civilizations

Archaeology, Art, and History of a Young Nation

Woman walking down a street in the colonial town of Barichara, Colombia, South America.
Colombia Redefined: An All-Women Journey

Female Perspective in a Changing Country

View over the colonial town of Barichara, Colombia
Colombia Redefined

Spanish Colonialism, Street Art, and Cuisine

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Fun Fact

In 2020 NASA will begin allowing two travelers per year to visit the International Space Station (note: we don't offer this trip...yet).

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From Botswana to Peru, borders are opening to US travelers in some exciting places.