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Ur, temple in Iraq Ur, temple in Iraq
Ur, temple in Iraq

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Travel to Iraq and explore ancient ruins, visit local markets and cultural centers, and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Iraqi people. Discover the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia, including the legendary city of Babylon, and witness the birthplace of some of the world's earliest inventions and discoveries. As the journey unfolds, the diverse facets of Iraq come together to celebrate the perseverance and dignity of its people.

  • Cast your eyes upward to take in the magnificent, millennia-old architecture of Ur, Uruk, and Ctesiphon.
  • Join pilgrims in fervent prayer and devotion at the magnificent Shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf and the Shrines of Hussein and Abbas in Karbala, two of the holiest cities in Islam.
  • Cruise in the serenity of the Mesopotamian Marshes by motorboat, and learn about the recovery of this fragile ecosystem and unique culture.
  • Marvel at the spiraling ramp of the Malwiyya tower, also known as Samarra, considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
  • Admire the spectacular collection of ancient art – some only recently recovered and restored – at Baghdad’s Iraq Museum.

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On the Road to Baghdad: Exploring Southern Iraq

Journey Through the Cradle of Civilization

Iraq contains multitudes. On this meticulously-scouted GeoEx Baghdad trip, you cross between them as you ponder the land that invented writing systems and the city-state, bore witness to some of the most climactic events in Islam, and has persisted throughout some of the twenty-first century’s most protracted political and economic struggles. You’ll gaze upon the… Continued

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