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Nomadic outposts and vibrant festivals

Kazakh eagle hunters on horseback in the the Altai mountains, Mongolia
Mountain landscape and grass in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Stars over Three Camel Lodge ger camp in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Kazakh eagle hunters on horseback in the the Altai mountains, Mongolia

Luxury Mongolia Tours

Once the center of a vast empire, today Mongolia is more of a lost treasure—easily discovered with GeoEx Mongolia tours. Vast open steppes are punctuated by the occasional small village and backed by rugged snowcapped mountains; nomadic herders ride through the Gobi Desert to their family homes in felt tents called gers. Our Mongolia travel is carefully crafted using our local network and personal experience to explore these unspoiled landscapes and disappearing lifestyles.

  • Ride horses and camp in gers in the green highlands of the Altai Mountains.
  • Attend the Golden Eagle Festival with the nomadic Kazakh people or check out the horse racing at the Naadam Festival.
  • Hike through sandstone spires at the Flaming Cliffs searching for dinosaur fossils.
  • Explore bustling markets in the rapidly expanding capital of Ulaanbaatar.

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All Mongolia Trips

Shadowing Mongolia's Snow Leopards

Meet the Nomads and Wildlife of the Altai Mountain Range

This 11-day Mongolian adventure first takes you to Ulaanbaatar, providing historical and spiritual context, before you travel by four-by-four into the high-mountain tundra of the deep Altai Mountains. Based from a private ger camp, keep watch for mighty raptors, saiga antelope, and takhi horses. Throughout the journey, you meet Mongolians of diverse ethnic tribes living both modern-day… Continued

Group TRIP


from $8,370

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Mongolia's Altai Eagle Festival

Experience Kazakh Traditions and the Gobi Desert

Be one of the few Westerners to attend the Altai Eagle Festival Stay in a private ger camp nearby the festival site Marvel at the Gobi Desert’s Flaming Cliffs and Singing Sands Accompany Kazakh hunters and their birds on a traditional hunt Visit with nomadic families and learn about their way of life Smaller but just… Continued

Group TRIP


from $9,875

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Special Offer
Trans-Siberian & Trans-Mongolian Express

Aboard the Golden Eagle Train

For train buffs, the Trans-Siberian is the Mount Everest of rail journeys. This rolling epic crosses eight time zones and traverses 6,600 miles across Russia from Moscow to the country’s major Pacific port, Vladivostok. Making this trek has become much more enjoyable thanks to the deeply comfortable Golden Eagle, a rolling masterpiece. Along the way… Continued

Group TRIP


from $16,995

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Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland

An Epic Russia and Mongolia Train Journey in Winter

This very special trip is the winter edition of the Trans-Siberian Express, a rail epic traversing eight time zones and 6,600 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok. Traveling in comfort aboard the gorgeously appointed Golden Eagle (complete with onboard lectures and language lessons), you make your way through the magical wonderland that is Russia in winter. In… Continued

Group TRIP


from $18,195

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Mongolia Explorer

The Gobi Desert, Lake Khovsgol, and the Naadam Festival

GeoEx has been under Mongolia’s spell for a long time, dating to the days when it appeared in musty atlases as “Outer Mongolia,” so it is with great joy that we reveal this magnificent land. This active journey offers an unassumingly cushy experience of the country, with stays in some of its best hotels and ger camps.… Continued

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from $11,750

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