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Papua New Guinea

Tribal peoples and tropical birdlife

Tribesmen paint the faces of visitors during a traditional sing-sing in Papua New Guinea's Mount Hagen
Village children in Papua New Guinea's Sepik River area
Local tribes celebrating the traditional Sing Sing in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
Tribesmen paint the faces of visitors during a traditional sing-sing in Papua New Guinea's Mount Hagen

Papua New Guinea Travel

J.P. McAuley’s said, “where the earth dances, the mountains speak and the doors of spirit open” of Papua New Guinea. It’s the kind of place that shocks even experienced travelers with massive forested landscapes only barely affected by humans. We craft Papua New Guinea tours that highlight the people of this mysterious land, representing hundreds of ethnic groups and speaking more than 800 languages. Explore the reefs and beaches of the coast to complete your Papua New Guinea adventure.

  • Meet Huli, Kusumb, Melpa, and Hagen peoples, learning about their culture and traditional dress in the highlands.
  • Snorkel or dive the outstanding Pacific coral reefs and explore the volcanic fjords of Tufi.
  • Search for exotic birds of paradise and numerous species of orchid on hikes through the jungle.
  • Travel the waterways of the Karawari by riverboat, passing villages and daily life along the water.

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Papua New Guinea

A Journey Back in Time

Lush as a dream of green heaven, its air is filled with Picassoan birds, and its jungles, mountains, and people are cheerful citizens of one of the last earthly places where nature is an unrivaled hegemon. Papua New Guinea is a spirit-lifting place, but its people are the sweet surprise. Along with unprecedented natural scenery,… Continued

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