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Meet Gayle Lehmann

Antelope at sunset, Kenya


Director, Global Sales

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, Gayle spent her childhood bush trekking, climbing trees, and yearning for—what seemed to her—more exotic locales. As soon as she was old enough, she ventured off to the distant shores of Italy. “To this day I remember the excitement of boarding that plane and emerging hours later to a completely different world where nothing felt or sounded familiar,” she recalls.

After completing a degree in Communications and running her own marketing company in South Africa, wanderlust called her back out into the world. She lived in England for two years, spending weekends popping off to explore surrounding countries, and eventually settled in the US, where she has visited 21 states as well as side trips to Mexico and the Caribbean.

As a young girl growing up in South Africa, family vacations were taken in neighboring Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, which seemed rather ordinary to her as a child. It wasn’t until Gayle started exploring the rest of the world that she realized how incredibly fortunate she was to have had those experiences at a young age and saw what a diverse and exotic continent Africa is by comparison. Sharing the life-changing beauty, people, wild animals, diverse cultures, and unmatched wildlands of Africa with travelers became her passion.

After seven years as a safari expert, Gayle joined GeoEx in 2021 bringing along her love of Africa and all the places she has traveled. She designs trips to expand perspectives and create exceptional experiences, with the goal of creating a lifetime of wonderful memories and feels proud to work for a company that is committed to the environment and the preservation of cultural resources through the GeoEx Foundation and their work with local communities to support sustainable tourism models.

When Gayle is not roaming the world or designing incredible travel experiences, she enjoys meeting new people and discovering new places with her two daughters. Her creative side includes building mosaics, painting, and pottery. She is currently based in Washington state.

Our trip planning and trip experience itself was flawless. Gayle attended to every request, whim, and suggestion with great ideas and recommendations.

– Gary A.

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