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Meet Lauren Reale

Lion at Kruger National Park, South Africa
GeoEx Trip Designer Lauren Reale


Director, Global Sales

Lauren was lucky enough to travel extensively with her father and sister as a child, from their home base in Denver, Colorado. “I will never forget sitting on the roof top of a terrace in Italy at age sixteen, as a British musician sang to us in Italian while playing the guitar.” Lauren was enthralled by these early experiences, meeting interesting people from other countries, and yearned for more.

She started her career in the travel industry booking ski lodges in Steamboat Springs, not far from her hometown. After completing a degree in English Literature and Women’s Studies, she switched to studying International Business and moved to Italy, making European side trips whenever she could. From there she took a job in finance in Australia, exploring the country and nearby New Zealand over her two-year stay.

“The world is big—vast and exciting. Travel forces you to constantly be learning,” says Lauren. Her adventures in Africa left an indelible impression, inspiring her to connect others to the wildlife, people, and culture experienced on safari. After six years as a safari expert, she expanded her horizons, joining GeoEx’s team in 2022.

Lauren’s ideal days are the ones where guests returning from trips share their stories. The sound of the excitement in their voices transports her to the place and leaves her feeling fulfilled.  She says, “For me, travel is a calling, not a career. We change when we travel. We come home with new insight, perspective, and ideally more empathy for other people around the world.”

Whether out exploring or closer to home, Lauren loves food, hiking, and a good book. She lives in southern California with her husband and a rambunctious puppy named Fauci.

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