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Meet Elizabeth McNeil

Architecture in Morocco
Elizabeth McNeil, Director, Guest Services


Director, Guest Services

Elizabeth has loved traveling from an early age. Her passion for different cultures and countries led her to live abroad in Florence and London, as well as travel on a Fulbright scholarship to South Korea, where she lived with a host family and taught English to 500 middle school girls for a year.

She lived in the ancient capital of Gyeongju, where she enjoyed strolling among the rolling hills of royal burial mounds downtown and sitting at the kitchen table while her host mother practiced calligraphy and dispensed wisdom like poetry. She started a pen pal program with an American school and still laughs when she thinks about the sound of stampeding feet rushing down the hallway towards her classroom when word got out that her students’ pen pal letters had arrived. She imagines the ground rumble of the great migration (which she has yet to experience) is somewhat similar!

After receiving her master’s degree in Global Media and Communications, Elizabeth found her home at GeoEx, where she currently heads up our Guest Services team and delights in helping travelers prepare for their upcoming journeys. She brings her teaching talents along when she travels and has had visited Myanmar (where she helped teach local schoolchildren the Hokey Pokey), Bhutan (where she introduced our local colleagues to the Electric Slide), Morocco, and Japan with GeoEx. Her future plans include learning to play the ukulele and making a journey on the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia and Mongolia.

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