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The Most Exclusive Private Journeys

Safari flights over red sand dunes of Sossusvlei with early morning mist, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Adventure Travel at its Finest

The GeoEx Premier Access team is fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our most exclusive private travelers. You’ll explore unique destinations in the greatest comfort possible. And you’ll enjoy unparalleled personal attention, privacy, customization, and diversions that fully immerse you in authentic local experiences.

Many of our Premier Access guests are high-profile people looking to keep a low profile—something we’re adept at maintaining. We also understand high expectations.

Our Premier Access specialists work relentlessly to identify fresh, engaging experiences that are just right, often securing unprecedented access and orchestrating incredibly complex logistics. They collaborate with a world-class private security firm, as well as tried-and-true in-country operators and the most astute guides available. The result: your private journey runs without a hitch and there’s room for flexibility.

The Ultimate in Access

Access edge-of-the-map areas lacking proper roads or landing strips by helicopter. Experience wonders so distant that most people have never heard of them, let alone seen them, arriving in luxurious style.

Heli-hiking through the Himalaya, remote rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia, inaccessible lava fields in Chile, flocking flamingos from above in Kenya, and backcountry wildlife in Alaska. Helicopters make it all possible with efficiency, ease, and exclusivity.

The GeoEx Premier Access team orchestrates all the logistics for a superlative experience with a choice pilot/guide, and distinctive lodging for your adventure.

The Utmost in Privacy and Luxury

Explore secluded coastlines and jungle riverbanks from a luxurious private base.  Dive in directly into water-based fun or access seldom-seen locations on an exclusive yacht charter. Step ashore without the crowds in the Galápagos islands, hop Indonesia’s jewel-toned coves, or cruise into biodiversity along the Amazon.

Whatever your destination, private yacht travel lets you set the pace. We have researched private small ships from traditional wooden boats, like gulets and dahabeyas, to modern steel yachts and know the most elegant cruises for  exclusive journeys.

Luxury and Convienience

Land right at the local airstrip, avoiding long transfers, long lines and other hassles. Private jet travel allows more time to enjoy the destination and makes getting there part of the fun.

Skip the connections, flying directly between Javanese stone temples in Indonesia and iconic Ankor Wat in Cambodia. Jet between winelands and private safari reserves in South Africa before swooping out to the Seychelles for idyllic island-hopping.

Our experts are well versed in private jet travel, matching you with the right plane, luxury accommodation, and personalized itinerary for a civilized adventure.




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Safari flights over red sand dunes of Sossusvlei with early morning mist, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

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