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Deep tradition and extreme modernity

Intricate exterior of Ise Grand Shrine in Ise, Japan
Maiko with colorful kimono and umbrella in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine stands in front of waterfall on Mount Nachi, Japan
Intricate exterior of Ise Grand Shrine in Ise, Japan

Luxury Japan Tours

A beautiful, intricately designed puzzle, Japan is a country that has refined just about every aspect of life into an art form. Smitten (or, as the Japanese say, otaku, merrily obsessed) with Japan travel, we are especially captivated by the Japanese talent for integrating its proud ancient culture with its equally proud embrace of the modern. We take loving pride in our Japan tours, where insider's knowledge and attention to detail pay off so rewardingly.

  • The ancient capital of Kyoto reveals classic sights of Shinto shrines, gardens, and geisha.
  • Wander the Tsukiji Fish Market, sample street food with a local expert, or people-watch in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo.
  • Indulge in the traditional activities of onsen (hot spring bathing) and kaiseki (multi-course dining experience).
  • Walk among cherry blossoms or fall foliage depending on the season.

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Journey Through Ancient Japan

Discovering Shikoku and Kyoto

Referencing Shikoku Island, acclaimed travel writer Don George wrote, “[It’s] a Japan I hadn’t known existed: a place of farms and fishing villages, mountainside shrines and seaside temples, rugged seacoasts and forested hills.” On this 12-day journey, we unlock the secrets to this remote and rural main island. Our journey begins in stunningly preserved Kyoto,… Continued

Group TRIP


from $14,625

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Japan: Tip to Toe

Nature and Tradition from Hokkaido to Kyushu

Japan’s astonishing breadth of enchanting culture and spellbinding landscapes jumps into focus on this tip-to-toe journey, crafted and led by acclaimed travel writer and Japanophile Don George. Don shares rare insights as he takes us from Zen temples to the stunning Takachiho Gorge. We begin along Hokkaido’s expansive plains, then travel south to sub-tropical Kyushu,… Continued

Group TRIP


from $21,450

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Essential Japan

Cultural Insights from Tokyo to Kyoto

In 1880 the great traveler Isabella Bird wrote, “Japan offers as much novelty perhaps as an excursion to another planet.” More than a century later her insight still resonates. We are smitten with Japan, especially by its talent for integrating its proud, ancient culture with its equally fervent embrace of the modern. On this private,… Continued

Custom TRIP


from $21,250

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