As passionate travel experts, we handcraft luxury small-group tours and custom journeys to the world’s most astonishing places.

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  • A tent at Concordia with the apex of Crystal Peak in the distance, Pakistan K2 trekking with GeoEx

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    Trek to K2 & Broad Peak

    Exploring Pakistan’s Snow Giants via Concordia

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  • Saksa hike in Norway

    New Trips

    Norway Family Journey

    Land of a thousand fjords and endless activities

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  • Isle of Skye, Scotland

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    Scotland Family Discovery

    Lochs, Ruins, and Isles of the Highlands

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  • New Trips

    Eastern India's Tribal Tapestry

    Traditions & Temples in Off-the-Radar Odisha

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  • Kate Doty, Managing Director for Premier Access with GeoEx.

    Kate Doty

    "Nothing thrills me more than creating a trip that goes above and beyond what is imagined."

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  • Starla Estrada, Managing Director for Africa and the Middle East with GeoEx.

    Starla Estrada

    “Travel is all about freedom and adventure, and finding vast remote spaces that allow your entire creative being to unravel.”

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  • GeoEx Travel Expert Vassi Koutsaftis

    Vassi Koutsaftis

    "Myanmar is still my favorite place in the world, a hidden gem of temples and wonderful, friendly people."

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  • Esther Hsu, Director of Australia and New Zealand with GeoEx.

    Esther Hsu

    "Travel is fun, invigorating, and inspiring! You see new places and learn about different cultures through the stories of local people."

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  • Tina Liadis, Director of Asia with GeoEx.

    Tina Liadis

    “I just love helping people make connections all over the world. That’s what makes travel so special.”

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  • GeoEx Travel Expert Brent Olson

    Brent Olson

    "I thrive on taking GeoEx travelers to places that remain unknown to most tourists—temples, monasteries, private festivals and prayer ceremonies."

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  • Jennine Cohen, Managing Director of Americas with GeoEx.

    Jennine Cohen

    "I love Latin America because it’s like the Wild West: anything and everything is possible.”

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  • Natalie Crow, Director of Americas with GeoEx.

    Natalie Crow

    "I take care of all of the details and logistics, so that you can focus on the fun."

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  • Errin Mixon, Director of Asia with GeoEx.

    Errin Mixon

    "I love working with GeoEx travelers, finding out where they've been and what they have in mind for their next adventure, and then putting it together for them."

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  • Linda de la Torre, Director of Americas with GeoEx.

    Linda de la Torre

    "The more varied the travelers' interests, the more fun I have building an adventure for them."

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  • Jessica Silber, Director of Africa and The Middle East with GeoEx.

    Jessica Silber

    "I love that part of my work is simply to be curious—to learn about what matters most in people’s lives and how they want to express that through travel."

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  • Travel Specialist Jesse Knight with elephant in Botswana

    Jesse Knight

    "Travel is the greatest education on earth.”

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  • Kim Keating, Director of Middle East and Africa with GeoEx.

    Kim Keating

    "I love to share the natural wonders and human spirit of Africa and the Middle East, sharing the real heart of a place with people is my passion.”

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  • Director for Premier Access, Laura Hoffacker, on safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, with GeoEx

    Laura Hoffacker

    "I find the magic of travel hidden in the connections made with strangers—and soon-to-be-friends—along the way."

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  • Urs Hofmann, Director of Polar and Railway Journeys with GeoEx.

    Urs Hofman

    "Traveling by train and ship is a fantastic way to appreciate enormous distances and their astoundingly diverse landscapes."

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  • Director for Global Sales, Kim Anderson, Tigers Nest, Bhutan with GeoEx

    Kim Anderson

    “Travel with an open heart and a small suitcase.”

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  • Director for Global Sales, Corinne Edwards, Khumbu Valley, Nepal, with GeoEx

    Corinne Edwards

    "I find it endlessly rewarding to help or inspire others to explore this amazing world!"

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  • Kristina Tuohey, Managing Director for Asia with GeoEx.

    Kristina Tuohey

    “I strive to make each journey special, and maybe fold in a surprise or two along the way.”

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  • Edwin d'Haens, Director of Asia with GeoEx.

    Edwin d'Haens

    “I love introducing travelers to Asia, from energizing India to peaceful and quiet Bhutan. It's all amazing!”

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  • Sara Barbieri, Director of Asia with GeoEx.

    Sara Barbieri

    “I find travel to be like a mystery that deserves to be unraveled. I hope to infuse my travelers with a sleuthing spirit.”

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  • Sabrina Middleton, Director of Polar with GeoEx.

    Sabrina Middleton

    "The natural beauty of our world continually inspires me and drives my passion for sharing it with GeoEx travelers for over 20 years."

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  • Eric Holman, Director of Affinity Travel with GeoEx.

    Eric Holman

    “I love learning the nuances of each organization I work with. Arranging once-in-a-lifetime experiences is everything.”

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