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Personalized travel itineraries: you dream it, we deliver it


Travel Your Way With Our Custom Trips & Personalized Itineraries

There’s no better way to bring your travel imaginings to life—even stretch them beyond what you thought possible—than with GeoEx Custom Trips. This is our specialty. For 40 years, we’ve choreographed Custom Trips—anything from highly personalized, multi-day jaunts to multi-month, globe-spanning expeditions.

Our staff of custom travel pros routinely pulls off difficult travel logistics, knitting together trips of all kinds, for all kinds of folks, to just about any place in the world. We’re honored to have extraordinary client loyalty and satisfaction, as well as accolades from magazines like Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and Outside for our expertise in crafting personalized trips.

Not sure where to begin? Only know your time frame? Or that you want a trip planned around a certain interest? Both are excellent starting points. You can also browse GeoEx itineraries for any destination on this website—they all are completely customizable. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to figure out every detail and handcraft your once-in-a-lifetime journey.


Colorful women standing in front of the Taj Mahal in India.
Celebrations: 25 Days for 25 Years
GeoEx Custom Experiences, India

For their 25th wedding anniversary, a dynamic New York duo zigzagged across India on a voyage as diverse as the country. Their 25-day itinerary, devised by our subcontinent specialists, kicked off in the north with a close look at Agra and the Taj Mahal, a sunrise boat ride on the Ganges, and walks through Delhi and Jaipur with guides from nonprofits.

Chimpanzee in tree in Tanzania, Africa.
Beyond Boundaries: From Safari to Sea
GeoEx Custom Experiences, East Africa

A high-spirited couple in search of an extraordinary inaugural visit to Africa worked with one of Africa aficionados to devise a unique, nearly three-week safari—all points seamlessly connected by private charter plane, flown by a talented pilot-guide. From Kenya and Tanzania to Rwanda and Mozambique, the pair witnessed the Great Migration in the Serengeti.

Buddhist monk in Bhutan.
Incredibly Intricate: A Bhutan Engagement
GeoEx Custom Experiences, Bhutan

This remarkable nine-day excursion, choreographed by GeoEx Premier Access travel wizard Kate Doty, whisked one particularly well-situated traveler from Bhutan’s natural and cultural wonders to meetings with Bhutanese dignitaries. This Buddhism buff and diplomat-at-heart leapt across the country by private helicopter, reveling in wildlife sanctuaries, powerful dzong, tucked-away villages, and the country’s two oldest temples.

Mother and daughter showing tourist how to weave in Peru.
Family Forays: Fishing for Piranha in Peru
GeoEx Custom Experiences, Peru

This family of four dispels the myth that having kids means ditching your travel dreams. Their most recent GeoEx adventure (they have had many) took them to Peru, where they delved deeply—and unusually—into the country’s culture and wildlife. They rafted the Urubamba River and hiked to sites and isolated Andean villages. They met local weavers, checked out artisan guilds, perused bustling markets, and explored less-visited Inca ruins.

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Sample Itineraries

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Egypt & the Eternal Nile

A Custom Journey with a Luxury Nile Cruise

Bhutan Revealed

Immersive experiences and luxurious lodging

Kenya Explorer

Wildlife & Conservation in East Africa

Mexico’s Boundless Baja

A Peninsular Exploration

Mystical Ladakh

Buddhism in the Himalayan High Desert


Planning Your Journey Begins With a Call

You'll speak with one of our regional experts, ideally 6–12 months before your anticipated departure, though we often can manage with a shorter lead time. First, we’ll discuss your needs and expectations, then provide an approximate per-person per-day cost for the journey.

Questions to Consider

How many people are you traveling with? What are your special interests? (e.g., wildlife, trekking, visiting cultural sites) What are your comfort and style requirements? Are there any special considerations that might affect our planning? (e.g. financial or medical, a special celebration)

Itinerary Development Fee

After our initial conversation, if you would like our team to proceed with planning your trip and creating a customized itinerary, we will require receipt of an Itinerary Development Fee. Because of the time and attention we put into handcrafting each journey, this fee serves as an agreement that you are dedicated to working with GeoEx. This fee will be credited toward your final balance, but is not refundable should you decide to cancel. The fee amount varies depending on the size of the group, the length of the trip, and other factors. Typical fees start at $1,000 depending on the destination and demand. Safaris, boat charters, and certain other special trips may require a higher amount. Once we have received this fee, we can fine-tune each detail of the adventure to your heart’s content.

Itinerary Proposal

After we have received your itinerary development fee, we will propose a specific itinerary with the dates or date range based on your availability. We will be ready to discuss itinerary details and air schedules, and will continue to make adjustments based on your feedback. Once you have approved the proposed itinerary, we will reserve space at the chosen hotels and provide you with an exact trip cost. We can still continue to fine tune until you’re completely comfortable with the itinerary.

Confirmation, Deposit & Trip Preparation Packet

Once you have approved the itinerary and price, we will book all your arrangements with an additional per-person deposit (this amount can vary from trip to trip, up to 35 percent of trip cost). We will then send a detailed invoice to you and a comprehensive packet of trip preparation materials to each participant.

Final Payment

120 days before departure, completed paperwork and the balance of the land cost are due. Payment schedules for boat trips and some other special departures vary and may be required on an earlier date. After we have received all paperwork and payments, your air tickets (if purchased through GeoEx), final itinerary, trip briefing, and contact numbers will be sent approximately three weeks prior to departure.

Cancellations & Refunds

If you need to cancel your trip (or any portion thereof), you should notify GeoEx in writing. In addition to the nonrefundable itinerary development fee, we will assess a cancellation charge to cover communication expenses, as well as loss of advance payments made by GeoEx. Cancellation charges vary from trip to trip; you will be advised of terms prior to booking. Please review our complete Terms of Service.

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Custom Travel

“THE WORLD ONLY EXISTS IN YOUR EYES” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald. “You can make it as big or as small as you want to.” This thought-provoking notion applies to myriad aspects of living and dreaming, but for us it brings to mind travel and the incredible ability each voyager has to shape her or his wanderings. Explore our brochure to learn more about GeoEx Custom Trips, including insights and experiences from GeoEx travelers.

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