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Meet Melanie Regino

Giraffe at Kruger National Park in Kenya
Melanie Regino, Guest Services Manager


Guest Services Manager

Melanie is always looking forward to expanding her knowledge of the world. Whether it’s searching for big game in the Okavango Delta, camping under the stars in the remote Zimbabwean bush with no electricity, or mapping Anthony Bourdain’s adventures in Singapore’s hawker centers, she is her best self when discovering new things, and travel offers the greatest potential for discovery.

Studying abroad in Italy, she got her first taste of international travel while completing her degree in Cultural Anthropology. She extended her stay, taking advantage of her new surroundings, and backpacked solo across much of Europe, making stops in Spain, the French countryside, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK. Reflecting on these adventure she says, “I’ve learned that my stomach guides my travel pursuits. You can discover so much about people by what they eat and how they prepare it. Food is a universal language that unites and comforts people in an unfamiliar place.”

Inspired by the international cuisine of her hometown of San Francisco and spurred by an insatiable appetite for authentic food culture, she continued her culinary adventures on the coasts of Mexico, Japan, Sri Lanka, and most recently Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Since joining GeoEx in 2017, Melanie has been fortunate to continue discovering new corners of the world as a Guest Services Manager for Africa and the Middle East, helping travelers prepare for their journeys.

One of the highlights was definitely working with Melanie. She is terrific and was always responsive to my questions.

–Cecilia R.

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