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Unusual Travel adventures

First forays, special access, and rare encounters

Members of the Kara tribe jumping and dancing, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

GeoEx revels in creating unusual, eye-opening adventure tours—and has a history of blazing trails in travel. We led the first guided treks to the Kangshung Face of Everest, Mustang region of Nepal, and along the Shackleton route in South Georgia. Our travelers were the first American groups guided through Burma, post-war Vietnam, and post-Shah Iran. The very definition of "explore" is to travel over new territory. The thrill of discovery fuels travel to the furthest edges of the map, where few have ventured. We go for authentic encounters with people separated by political upheaval or geographic distance, to experience areas that are verging on change or newly opened to visitors. We seize the opportunity to witness rare wildlife in vanishing habitat or forge new trails past seldom-seen scenery, and we come home changed and inspired.

Travel that pushes boundaries and gains unprecedented access to extraordinary places requires careful planning to navigate logistical hurdles, negotiate permits and invitations, and to plan for contingencies. We have been crafting groundbreaking journeys since 1982 and delight in arranging travel on the edge of impossible.

  • As a guest of the royal palace, attend the Festival of Akwasidae, paying homage to the ceremonial Ashanti king in Ghana.
  • Stand on top of the world at the North Pole, exploring the area by helicopter, cruising on a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker.
  • Track herds of elephants through little-known Zakouma National Park in Chad, and learn their astonishing conservation success story.
  • Discuss recent changes in women's roles with female artists and abaya-clad vendors in Saudi Arabia.

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Fun Fact

Erik Weihenmayer was the first blind climber to conquer Everest in 2001. He did it by following the sound of bells tied to the jacket of his climbing mates and Sherpa guides.

Tribal dancers in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

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