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Land of the midnight sun

The Northern Lights illuminate the snowy landscape in Svensby Lyngen Alps, Tromsa, Norway
Polar bear mother and twin cubs hunting on the pack ice, Svalbard Archipelago, Arctic Norway
Quark 50 Years of Victory icebreaker cutting path through the Arctic sea
The Northern Lights illuminate the snowy landscape in Svensby Lyngen Alps, Tromsa, Norway

Luxury Arctic Tours & Cruises

Daylight can last up to 24 hours in the Arctic summer, illuminating translucent icebergs and prowling polar bears on an Arctic vacation. We have curated a collection of ice-worthy ships to explore the top of the world including Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen, and all the way to the North Pole on one of GeoEx’s Arctic tours.

  • Watch for narwhals and walruses among the pack ice, kayaking or riding a Zodiac past icebergs.
  • Take helicopter excursions from a nuclear icebreaker on your way to stand at the North Pole.
  • Head ashore for hiking along the tundra and glaciers in search of reindeer and Arctic foxes.
  • Meet the Saami people and see their traditional tents and friendly sled dogs.

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All Arctic Trips

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The North Pole

Cruise to the Top of the World

Essayist and Arctic poet, Gretel Ehrlich, describes the Arctic as a place where “the real and the imagined have long since fused.” You get there comfortably aboard the 50 Years of Victory, a Russian nuclear icebreaker, enjoying on-board lectures, wildlife sightings, and helicopter and Zodiacs outings en route. There’s time to bask in the light that… Continued

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from $29,995

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Exploring Greenland & the Canadian High Arctic

An Expedition Cruise Aboard the National Geographic Explorer

We journey to the Arctic to see a pristine wonderland of jaw-dropping land-, ice-, and sea-scapes where Mother Nature reigns supreme. We go to observe wildlife, from Arctic hares and foxes to polar bears, seals and walruses, in their natural habitats. We go to hear stories of explorers and to meet Inuit communities. And although… Continued

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from $16,890

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Ice Bear Explorer

An Expedition Cruise into Arctic Svalbard for Polar Bears and More

An archipelago lost in the High Arctic about halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is one of the best places on earth to see polar bears. During this adventure by luxury polar expedition ship, you watch for the majestic creatures and take in spectacular  glaciers, kayak through deep fjords, weave among towering… Continued

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from $10,850

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Arctic Explorer

A Train Journey to the Northern Lights

“This trip is for travelers in search of the extraordinary,” says our Urs Hofmann, champion of this celebratory Arctic Circle rail journey. A comfortable, en-suite train carries you into the planet’s far northerly reaches, lit up by the Northern Lights in winter. Along the way, you explore St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as charming… Continued

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from $12,995

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