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Meet Sabrina Middleton

Gentoo Penguin in Antarctica
GeoEx Air Specialist Sabrina Middleton in Uganda


Director, Client Services

Sabrina believes in the power of travel to make the world a kinder place and calls herself an ambassador for peace. “There’s nothing like meeting people in foreign lands and experiencing different landscapes to open minds and hearts,” she says. She joined GeoEx in 1995 after returning from an 18-month, round-the-word journey and realizing she couldn’t continue in litigation consulting.

Her wanderlust has led her to cuddle koalas in Australia, take the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia, hike to Machu Picchu, ride camels in India, trek in the Himalaya, zip-line through the jungles of Guatemala with her son, and much more. Her favorite places include Nepal (“the people are so kind and generous!”), New Zealand (“the mountains of the South Island are gorgeous and the hiking is fantastic!), and Antarctica (“I was totally blown away by the beauty of the incredible icescapes!”).

Sabrina wears many hats at GeoEx, from lining up Polar icebreaker cruises and multi-country train trips to arranging complex flight routings for GeoEx guests as part of GeoEx’s air team. She loves getting to know our travelers so she can hone in on the best options for them and then handle all the details to make their journeys seamless. And when guests are home, she enjoys hearing all about their experiences—which often leads to brainstorming their next adventures.

Sabrina was superlative in her pre-trip guidance and support. She was insightful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional in every conversation. 


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