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Meet Ashley Pacelli

Tropic bird in the rainforest of Ecuador
Ashley Pacelli, Guest Services Manager


Guest Services Manager, Premier Access

Paging through her father’s collection of National Geographic magazines as a child, Ashley became curious about the world. While studying field biology and ornithology for her degree in Environmental Science, she had the opportunity to travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, where she climbed towers into the canopy, tasted lemon ants, and hiked daily in the rain forest accompanied by local shaman and researchers, to study the biodiversity of the region.

Her love of wildlife and the outdoors has informed many of her travel experiences. She has hiked, camped, and tracked kiwi birds around New Zealand, photographed birds and wildlife in the Galápagos Islands, hiked and biked through Rajasthan in India, saw a lilac-breasted roller for the first time in Namibia, and had the indescribable experience of visiting with waddles of penguins (her favorite bird, if she had to choose) in Antarctica.

Exploring biodiversity and cultural perspectives on these adventures has changed her life and she is passionate about helping others experience the positive impact travel can have through her work at GeoEx.

Ashley was tremendous over the past week. . . .Very responsive and quick. I was in good hands.

–Pete V.

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