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A land of stunning geological and cultural contrasts

Kara men jumping, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Gelada baboons in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
Camels walking through a salt lake in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
Kara men jumping, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Adventure Travel

Nestled in to the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is an intriguing mix of world-class cultural and natural wonders. Skillfully guided adventure tours may present glimpses of a highly endangered Ethiopian wolf or a troop of geladas, along with mountain nyala and a myriad of birdlife. GeoEx trips are carefully crafted to give you an authentic and comprehensive experience, whether meeting the people of the region or exploring its wildlife.

  • Search for rare endemic species which inhabit the lush highlands of the towering Simien Mountains.
  • Marvel at large churches hewn from living rock at UNESCO-listed Lalibela, and cliff and cave sanctuaries further afield.
  • Meet the Mursi and Hamar tribal people and experience their way of life in the entrancingly remote Lower Omo Valley.
  • Explore art galleries or try your hand cooking Ethiopian delicacies in Addis Ababa when you visit Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: The Island of Africa

Exploring Remote Regions from North to South

This newly updated journey takes us far and wide, north to south, in a madly interesting, scenically booming country. We explore its immense history, spanning religions as diverse as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and discover its stunning landscapes and rare wildlife. Wandering far off the beaten path, we’re privy to cultural and natural wonders that… Continued

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