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Meet Elissa Title

Moai statues on Easter Island, Chile
GeoEx Guest Services Manager Elissa Title


Trip Designer

Elissa loved traveling from an early age. Her mother took her to Alaska when she was four years old, explaining that any noise would scare the wildlife. It was clear Elissa would be a natural traveler when she sat quietly on the bus for six hours and never complained, dedicated to the adventure at hand. Later learning to operate her mom’s point-and-shoot camera, she became the official family photographer, documenting their travels.

When she graduated high school, she also graduated to a DSLR camera and has gone on to have her award-winning travel photos published in magazines. While working towards her degree in Graphic Design from Chapman University, Elissa studied abroad in Italy twice, volunteered in Zimbabwe as a lion conservation photographer, and completed an environmental science course in the Galápagos Islands.

She continued her travels while working as a photographer and graphic designer, exploring the culture and foods of all seven continents and nearly 90 countries.

Her passion for different cultures, cuisines, and countries has led her to seek out unusual experiences. She has been just feet away from brown bears in Alaska, photographed Easter Island moai (human-shaped monoliths) at sunset, hiked Lion’s Head Mountain at 4 a.m. to photograph Table Mountain at sunrise, enjoyed a true farm to table lunch in Albania, and eaten the best seafood she’s ever had in Peru.

“Travel has expanded my knowledge and has made me a true citizen of the world. To me, one of the greatest rewards of travel is the people I meet along the way,” says Elissa. Her relationships with the many non-profit organizations and individuals she’s met while traveling tend to be long-lasting, and she continues to find great joy in talking about all things travel. Her personal experiences abroad and her passion for travel led her to GeoEx in 2022, where she designs extraordinary travel experiences for our guests.

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