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Fjords and Norse folklore

Girl at the oar of a vikingship, Viking museum, Borg, Lofoten, Norway
A motorboat glide across Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Adult puffins perched on a cliff in Norway's Svalbard Archipelago
Girl at the oar of a vikingship, Viking museum, Borg, Lofoten, Norway

Norway Adventure Tours for Family

A sparsely populated land of dramatic fjords winding between jutting mountains and untouched forests, a Norway family vacation is anything but ordinary. Packed with opportunities for adventure, you might paddle a kayak through inlets, hike historic farms, or cruise the waterfront by electric bicycle. If you prefer to relax, enjoy a picnic with a panoramic view and listen to some Viking lore. The multitude of options make our Norway tours perfect for families of all ages.

  • Get away from the crowds of Oslo and Bergen and really get into the country and its people.
  • Kayak, hike, bike, and cruise the majestic fjords between Ålesund and Molde.
  • Explore the Lofoten Islands with surfing, hiking, biking, fishing, ocean rafting, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
  • Be a viking for a day, learning to shoot a bow and arrow, row on a viking ship and singing viking songs.

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Norway Family Journey

Land of a Thousand Fjords and Endless Activities

According to legend, it was the struggle between the Norse gods, man-eating trolls, and the Ice Giants of Jotunheimen that carved the eye-popping fjord landscapes of western Norway. Your guides share more Viking lore while carefully leading you through a stunning, sparsely populated, lesser-frequented region of offshore islands, glistening lakes, and towering mountains. Flexible options… Continued

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