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Malawi is surrounded by Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique, yet beautiful beaches cover the majority of the country’s eastern border. Deep, clear Lake Malawi (the third largest lake in Africa) is home to a UNESCO-listed national park of the same name, where hundreds of endemic fish species glide about and diving and snorkeling is superb. Malawi was not always considered a destination for wildlife viewing: Big Five populations were decimated by poachers before 2003. Since then, wildlife restoration projects in cooperation with the local government have put Malawi back on the safari map. Majete Wildlife Reserve is the rising star for big game viewing without big crowds. In fact, Malawi is notably little touristed all around, and its rugged wilderness parks and perfectly deserted beaches make for quality safari travel. Don’t be suspicious if a local greets you like an old pal: friendly adults and sweetly curious children are genuine—Malawians are known to be exceptionally kind.

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Beyond the variety of water-based sports you may enjoy on Lake Malawi, land-based nature reserves provide stunning settings for wildlife encounters, mountain biking, horseback riding, and camping under the stars. While Majete Wildlife Reserve is the choice for Big Five tracking, there are many protected areas offering safari excursions in a variety of landscapes—the East African continental rift gives Malawi its incredibly diverse terrain. You might head to Nyika National Park in the north for zebra and bushpig spotting amid rolling grasslands. We may point you to Kasungu National Park in the country's center for antelope and buffalo thriving in woodland and bush. Or perhaps, you’ll choose the inviting forests and river shores of Liwonde National Park to seek out crocodile and kudu. Wherever you decide to go, we suss out the best accommodations for a well-deserved rest after each day’s adventure.

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