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Follow the Nile to pyramids and a Nubian legacy

Hieroglyphics on the Lion Temple at Nagaa, Sudan
Woman explores ancient Nubian pyramids in Begrawiya, Sudan
Nubian woman in front of domed structures in Old Dongola, Sudan
Hieroglyphics on the Lion Temple at Nagaa, Sudan

Sudan UNESCO Tours

Sudan’s sprawling deserts of golden sand hold even more pyramids than Egypt; fallen temples and hidden tombs of a great civilization whose significance we are only beginning to grasp when we visit Sudan. Off-the-radar UNESCO World Heritage sites still partially covered by sand stoke a feeling of deep adventure, as if you're the first to find these archaeological discoveries. Fed by the Nile River, ancient Nubia thrived, producing a pharaonic kingship and the oldest Nilo-Saharan language on record. Today we are delighted to share the incredible Sudan travel sights in its conflict-free north, and the enthusiastic hospitality of our Sudanese friends.

  • Explore Khartoum, where the Blue and White Nile Rivers converge and sister city Omdurman, site of Mahdi’s tomb.
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Jebel Barkal, Napata and Nuri, ruins of tombs, pyramids, temples, and palaces.
  • Cross the Nubian Desert to wander the Royal Necropolis of Meroe, the most extensive pyramid field in antiquity.
  • Wonder at the the Meroitic temples of Naqa and Musawwarat, decorated with carvings of rams and wild animals.

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Ancient Riches of Sudan's Nubian Desert

Following the Nile to the Far Reaches of History

Time in tranquil northern Sudan compels us to toss away our school history books and discover an ancient civilization whose majesty equals the great societies of Egypt. To soak it up, Africa aficionado Starla Estrada has crafted an eye-opening journey that follows the Nile to explore pyramids, tombs, and temples of royal cities that emerge… Continued

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