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Off the radar and limited-access wildlife and geology

A ridge of red sandstone columns in the Ennedi Desert, Chad
Aerial view of a herd of elephants in Zakouma National Park, Chad
Tubu boys ride horses among large boulders in the Ennedi Desert, Chad
A ridge of red sandstone columns in the Ennedi Desert, Chad

Chad Luxury Safaris

Chad is an often-overlooked gem with a noteworthy conservation success story. Flourishing elephants, giraffes, and honey badgers inhabit Zakouma National Park; ancient sandstone formations and pictographs grace Ennedi Massif. Arranging Chad travel can be challenging with limited access and remote locations. GeoEx is one of the few permitted to operate in these stunning destinations.

  • Observe a massive herd of rehabilitated elephants and other big game at Zakouma National Park.
  • Sleep with a 360-degree view of the the bush with the stars overhead in an exclusive camp. Our Chad tours are limited to 8 people.
  • Hike the spectacular sandstone canyons and rock paintings of UNESCO-listed Ennedi Massif.
  • Visit nomadic herders with chances to see their camels file across the desert or congregate in masses to drink at an oasis.

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Chad's Ennedi: A Celebration of Sandstone

Rock Art and Formations of the Ennedi Massif

Deep in the Sahara Desert, stone pinnacles and cathedral-like rock formations cast their shadows, while hidden gueltas draw crocodiles and camels to quench their thirst. Not only is Chad’s UNESCO-acclaimed Ennedi Massif a feast of jaw-dropping sandstone, it has been home to desert nomads for more than 10,000 years. Past generations have left stellar rock paintings along… Continued

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Chad Explorer: Wildlife, Culture & Conservation

A Pioneering Safari in Zakouma National Park

Venturing into a country wildly devoid of tourism, this pioneering journey explores Zakouma National Park, home to one of the world’s most diverse grassland ecosystems and a massive rehabilitated herd of elephants—a great conservation success story. “GeoEx is one of the few tour operators that has been awarded private, weeklong trips in the park,” explains… Continued

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