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Iran is a now destination, appearing on many Where to Travel lists. To help inform travelers who are interested in exploring this fascinating, evolving nation, GeoEx’s Iran experts share the topics that are at the forefront of the travel discussion.

Expect a Warm Welcome

Despite what the popular press and travel warnings may lead Americans to believe about travel in Iran, our returning Iran guests have invariably enthused about the warm welcome they received. One noted, “The Iranian people are kind and wonderful. I felt safe and welcome in Iran.” Another said, “Iran is a great destination. It’s a beautiful country and the people were incredibly friendly.”

“My husband and I traveled to Iran with GeoEx several years ago. We have traveled the world, but GeoEx’s Iran was one of the most astounding trips of all. The people were warm and welcoming. We American women had fun learning how to wear our head scarves and I came back with a whole new view of America’s relationship with Iran. This is an important trip. Travelers: Don’t be afraid to travel to Iran! –Carol A.

Getting In: Cut Through Red Tape

Americans traveling in Iran must be accompanied by an organization approved by the foreign ministry and obtaining an Iranian travel visa depends on the quality of one’s in-country connections. GeoEx pioneered American travel in Iran in 1993 and has been sending travelers there continuously ever since. Not only do we have the best in-country relationships in the business, we thoroughly understand the rules put in place by the Iranian government. Our track record for securing authorization for GeoEx guests is excellent.

“There is a sense of urgency to visit Iran. I expected to understand it, admire it, and respect it. But I was not anticipating falling in love with the women and children as I did….In Iran you’ll find new forms of beauty that you didn’t know existed.” –Noni A.

Rely on Travel Experts Who’ve Been There

To stay in touch with the goings-on in Iran, GeoEx staff members return regularly. We spend time vetting guides and accommodations, exploring options for activities and conversations, and making key decisions that will improve your journey.

Go with Trusted Guides to Make Connections

Travelers in Iran need reliable guides who can navigate the shifting landscape and make meaningful connections for you. We choose our guides for their insider knowledge, their ability to solve unexpected glitches, and their ability to connect with you and the people you want to meet. Our Iran travelers rave about their knowledge, their enthusiasm, and their nimbleness in adjusting the schedule to maximize time and comfort.

“Mahmoud was one of the best guides we have ever had on any of our many trips. His knowledge of Iran and its complex history is extensive. He welcomed questions, was frank about the political situation and did not avoid any question. His energy seemed boundless and he lightened things up with his wonderful sense of humor. He appeared to be having a very good time and maybe he was because he truly loves his country.” –Ellen H.

Safety Net: Be Ready with Back-up

Travel, especially to evolving destinations like Iran, demands a strong safety net. GeoEx has constructed one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry. We carefully monitor travel conditions in and surrounding Iran, and maintain nearly round-the-clock logistics, air, security, and emergency assistance with trusted colleagues in the field.

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