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Himalayan scenery and cultural crossroads

Rainbow over the Khunjerab River, Passu, Pakistan
Man with camel walks outside Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Smiling girl on rooftop, drying apricot fruit, Hunza, northern Pakistan
Rainbow over the Khunjerab River, Passu, Pakistan

Pakistan Travel

A country of extremes, Pakistan travel pairs some of the highest icy peaks in the world with flourishing agricultural valleys, resulting in jaw-dropping scenery whether rambling though meadows or trekking among glaciers. GeoEx is one of the few tour operators to visit Pakistan, safely exploring the dramatic landscapes and meeting the engaging Ismaili people who welcome us.

  • See the Hunza Valley unfold orchards of apricots and almonds, bustling markets and bazaars, ancient forts, and magical mosques.
  • Wind through mountain passes on the Karakoram Highway, stopping to reflect on Silk Road history, chat with locals, or just soak in the view.
  • Wander Kashgar’s famed Sunday bazaar and livestock market, a cauldron of hawking, gossiping, shopping, and dreamy sights.
  • Look for marmots, Himalayan brown bear, snow leopards, Himalayan musk deer, and red foxes at Deosai National Park.

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Pakistan's Hunza Valley

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Rare is the traveler who knows the allure of Pakistan, a deeply fascinating country with tremendous Silk Road history and sensational natural beauty—particularly in the Hunza Valley. We’ve crafted this one-of-a-kind journey to reveal its multitudinous charms, exploring Pakistan’s northeastern corner along with the westernmost edge of China. From the desert to the snowy Pamirs,… Continued

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Southern Pakistan: Confluence of Civilizations

Archaeology, Art, and History of a Young Nation

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