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GeoEx Trip Leader Makes Transforming Connections in Sudan

By GeoEx Staff | December 12, 2016

This past October, GeoEx’s first group of Sudan travelers set off to discover the country’s little-visited pyramids, climb Jebel Barkal (the sacred sandstone mountain of the Black Pharaohs) at sunset, meet Bisharin nomads, and overnight at a desert camp below a sky exploding with stars. Upon returning home, these adventurers shared thoughts about their experiences, noting how friendly the Sudanese were, how safe they felt, and how seamless the trip was. They were especially enthusiastic about their trip leader, Carla Piazza, whom we wanted to introduce.

Meet Trip Leader Carla Piazza

Born in Italy and educated in London, Carla spent 10 years leading tours in the deserts of Australia and Oman. She began traveling and working in Sudan in 2003 and has never looked back: “My passion for deserts developed in Australia, but I found the true meaning of my passion in the Sudanese desert,” she says.

A popular tour leader, Carla leads groups every year and enjoys sharing Sudan’s incredibly rich history and culture with her guests and watching them fall in love with Sudan.

GeoEx Traveler Praise for Carla

“From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in good hands and that an adventure was beginning. Carla was an excellent leader. Her enthusiasm for Sudan was contagious. Everywhere we went there were calls of ‘Carla!’ by the locals—she is very much loved there. Her knowledge was exceptional and it was shared in a personal manner. By the time we left Sudan, we had all become old friends.” –Sherrill G.

“Carla was outstanding: energy, knowledge, and communication with and in support of the group. I can’t imagine a better leader. Great local relations as well.” –George M.

“Carla was incredible. She was so knowledgeable about the history, archaeological sites, the people, and the country, plus her knowledge of some Arabic helped smooth the way when we were in villages and markets and with officials. She was so helpful and made every attempt to make sure we were all well cared for. She was a jewel. She especially helped me with difficult terrain.” –CJ K.

“Carla is the best trip leader I have had on a GeoEx trip or otherwise. She was on top of all logistics and handled a fairly diverse group of tourists in sensitive ways. Most importantly, she has a true passion for Sudan and its people. Moreover, she is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of the country.” –Robert C.

“Carla has so much energy and enthusiasm! She was wonderful with details, too, and left nothing unresolved.” –Beth S.

“Carla was super, absolutely energetic, personable, and knowledgeable. She really knows the history and archaeology. And Carla was absolutely up to handling some of the less fit people on the trip. She was attentive, constantly asking people to drink water, monitoring us. I mean, she was really, really good about that.” –Bob C.

“Carla was exceptional. She knew Arabic, worked very hard to arrange for lunches in the most unlikely places, was always helpful to individual needs, was acquainted with so many natives (from Khartoum to nomadic families), and has an exceptional knowledge of the history. She truly was the most excellent trip leader in every respect.” –Regine S.

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For more information on Sudan travel options, give our experts a call at 888-570-7108.

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