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Five Favorite Posts of 2017

By Don George | January 12, 2018

Last year our Wanderlust blog presented tales and reflections celebrating the wide wonders of the world, from Alaska to West Africa, written by a spectrum of authors, including award-winning novelists, journalists, and essayists as well as GeoEx’s own world-wandering staffers. As always, our goal was to inform, entertain, and inspire you; we hope our stories whetted your own wanderlust.

As we begin a new year of adventure and discovery, we wanted to highlight five of our favorite staff-written blog posts from 2017!

We present them here, along with our warmest wishes for a new year full of exploration, growth, connection, and fulfillment.

Trails of Discovery in Peru

by Amanda McKee

Hiker on the Lares Trek in Peru, with GeoEx

GeoEx’s Senior Editor absorbs awe-inducing landscapes and exhilarating insights on a hike through the little-visited villages of the Sacred Valley and the Lares Valley, from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

Solo Travel is Not Always Alone

By Story Kirshman

Watching the sunrise over the Sahara dunes in Morocco, with GeoEx

From dancing the samba in Cuba to sleeping under the Saharan stars, GeoEx’s Director of Digital Marketing discovers a soul-expanding truth about solo travel.

Into the Congo

By Jessica Silber

Young gorilla in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo, with GeoEx

She had traveled across the planet to see gorillas. But then GeoEx’s Director for Africa learned that the gorillas were only the beginning of the journey.

On Harnessing the Fairy Dust of Travel to Create Everyday Magic

By Jennine Cohen

A Maasai man blowing bubbles for children in Africa, with GeoEx

Returning from a deeply renewing trip abroad, GeoEx’s Managing Director for the Americas asks, “What if we didn’t have to wait to travel to be more conscious? What if we could harness the extraordinary magic that’s created when we travel to feel more alive every day?” And she sets out to do just that.

The Importance of Travel in Turbulent (and Not So Turbulent) Times

By Don George

Meeting friendly locals, girls at Saadi Teahouse in Iran, with GeoEx

Wanderlust’s Editor in Chief writes, “Today, when the world is wracked with division and the specter of indiscriminate destruction haunts every passageway, it may be tempting to stay home. But this is precisely when we most need to travel, to weave the global threads of connection that bind us.”

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Happy New Year from all of us at GeoEx!

Please call us at 888-382-7124 to learn about GeoEx’s journeys to the world’s most astonishing destinations.

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