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Geographic Expeditions Announces New Owner & CEO

February 3, 2021

Beloved industry veteran returns to head trailblazing adventure travel company, saying “GeoEx’s mission to share and preserve the diverse wonders of our world is critically important to our future as a planet.” 

Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx), which has been blazing trails in adventure travel for 39 years, is thrilled to announce that ownership of the company has been passed on to a beloved travel industry leader with a long history at the company, Brady Binstadt. Binstadt brings more than two decades of experience in the travel world, including eighteen years at GeoEx, to his new role with the company. In addition to assuming ownership, Binstadt will also immediately rejoin GeoEx’s day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer, leading an exceptionally strong and seasoned team who weathered a difficult year successfully.

Binstadt joined GeoEx as a member of the frontline team in 1999. Over the next two decades, he moved into and eventually led the sales team, then joined the management team as Vice President of Sales and Guest Services. He left GeoEx in 2018 to become Chief Revenue Officer for a Mexico-based travel company.

About his return to GeoEx, Binstadt said, “My love for GeoEx runs deep and dates back more than 20 years, when I started answering phones at the company. My new role as CEO is nothing short of a dream come true. I recognize that this is a challenging time for travel companies everywhere, but I believe passionately that GeoEx’s mission to share and preserve the diverse wonders of our world is critically important to our future as a planet, and I am excited about advancing GeoEx’s proud tradition of curating trips that nurture cross-cultural understanding, forge profound human connections, and blaze new trails into little-explored destinations. Simply put, travel is more important now than ever. As we navigate these challenging times, I am honored and inspired to be leading the company, and confident that we will be taking more and more of our treasured guests to the far-flung corners of the globe with each passing month.”

Transferring the GeoEx reins to Binstadt are Ned, Jennifer, and Stephen Doubleday, who assumed ownership of the company when their father, longtime GeoEx owner and chairman George Doubleday II, passed away in September 2019. In handing over leadership of the company to Binstadt, outgoing Chairman of the Board Stephen Doubleday said, “We are pleased to our core to be able to entrust this cherished company and team to the extraordinarily capable care of Brady Binstadt. We know that Brady brings a deep knowledge of and passion for GeoEx, combined with the same idealism, acumen, vision, integrity, and humility that characterized our father. We are sure that Dad is as thrilled as we are, and that he is welcoming Brady back with one of his legendary hugs.”

Under Binstadt’s leadership, GeoEx looks to a future full of the kind of travel the company is known for—expertly planned journeys to the world’s most astonishing places, led by knowledgeable and passionate guides. Travelers can expect more trips like an off-the-beaten-path cultural exploration of Algeria, a journey through Japan’s little-visited western Honshu led by Japan expert Don George, and a very personal tour of New Zealand led by mountaineering legend Peter Hillary. GeoEx will continue to push boundaries and enrich travelers with pioneering adventures to intriguing and illuminating destinations around the world.

To arrange an interview with GeoEx owner and CEO Brady Binstadt, contact Jenny Velasco, Managing Director of Marketing, at [email protected].

About Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx)

A pioneer of travel to remote and challenging destinations since 1982, Geographic Expeditions is a US-based travel company specializing in designing custom journeys and small group trips—cultural tours, treks, safaris, cruises, and journeys by train—to the world’s most astonishing places. Based in San Francisco, GeoEx’s team of travel specialists work with partners in every corner of the globe to create personalized, memorable, and immersive travel experiences for their clients. GeoEx experts have been honored as “Top Travel Specialists” by Condé Nast Traveler, and GeoEx has been cited for its exceptional tours by National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, and Travel + Leisure.

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