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We think of the Amazon as the strong belly of Mother Nature: its 16,000 species of trees represent more than 50 percent of the earth’s rain forests. Our favorite slice of this wildlife wonderland reaches into parts of Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, making it a great tie in with a journey into other parts of these countries. We'll take you there comfortably and responsibly, by land and river. You’ll be living in rhythm with nature while you become acquainted with the locals, experts, and fantastic flora and fauna.

Piecing together the Amazon travel puzzle can be mind-boggling, and the less-touristed routes are not easy to find. This is why our South America adventure gurus have sussed out the best eco-conscious quarters for you to call home, the most compelling ways to explore the jungle, and the top-notch naturalist guides who will open your eyes to these complex ecosystems.

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Aqua-based excursions on small, luxurious riverboats may start with Peru’s little-explored Pacaya Samiria National Reserve or with fishing for piranha and watching for monkeys, three-toed sloths, and caimans. Landlubbers stay in eco-lodges, wake to a symphony of tropical birdsong, and journey along the Madre de Dios River into the rain forest to learn about the incredible biodiversity. You might like to venture farther afield with a private boat charter and enjoy the secluded white-sand beaches of the Tapajós River, which Jacques Cousteau called “the Caribbean of the Amazon." In the Ecuadorian Amazon, you may visit local communities, learn about medicinal plants, and glide on the Napo River by dugout canoe. We’ll be delighted to weave these elements—along with plenty more—into your tailor-made Amazon journey.

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