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Journey Through Ancient Japan in Photos

By GeoEx Staff | March 23, 2020

Many colors and textures of Japan.

GeoEx traveler Christy Hedges joined our small group trip Journey Through Ancient Japan last spring. She returned with magical memories, which she graciously shared with us in the form of her beautiful photographs. The journey was led by acclaimed travel writer and GeoEx Japan trip leader Don George. Over 12 days, the group visited Kyoto’s exquisite temples and gardens and the atmospheric back alleys of the historic Gion district. Then they moved on to little-visited Shikoku island, a place of farms and fishing villages, mountainside shrines and seaside temples, rugged seacoasts and forested hills. There they feasted on fresh-caught fish, soaked in soothing onsens, enjoyed hearty Japanese rural hospitality, encountered white-clad henro walking a 1200-year-old pilgrimage route, and savored the riches of traditional Japanese life, including an overnight stay in a wonderfully restored 300-year-old farmhouse.

Colorful paper cranes
Vine bridge in Japan
Fish cooking over open fire

All images by GeoEx traveler Christy Hedges

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Elizabeth McNeil
Elizabeth McNeil
4 years ago

Gorgeous photos, Christy! It was a joy traveling with you– hope you’re doing well! 🙂

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