Jessica Silber

Director for Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East

Jessica did not have a terribly exotic childhood, but family vacations taught some critical travel lessons from an early age: Good guides make a difference, bring snacks, and be sure everyone gets a window seat. Those years of minivans filled with siblings, cousins, and parents also imparted a joy of family travel, and she loves to incorporate that joy into planning trips for multiple generations of GeoEx guests.

Jessica’s first meeting with Africa was as a college student in Tunisia, where she drank the tap water freely (learning another valuable travel lesson). The wind-whipped Sahara and sunburned Mediterranean coast gave her a sublime introduction to Africa’s diversity and vastness. Since then, she's traveled on safari in Tanzania, Botswana and the Republic of the Congo, and strolled the varied African coasts in Morocco, South Africa, and Kenya. Most recently, she was awed and humbled by the warmth and hospitality she found in Iran when she joined our 19-day Treasures of Persia journey.

Jessica is thrilled that she can incorporate Africa and the Middle East into her life as a travel specialist for GeoEx. She delights in planning first-time safaris or helping repeat travelers journey to bucket-list countries. One of her favorite parts of the process actually occurs after a trip has ended, when guests—sometimes months after they've returned from a hard-to-reach, harder-to-understand place like West Africa and Ethiopia—reach out to share a memory or a reflection.

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