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Why Trek With GeoEx

Mountain Trekking: The Expertise You Need, The Safety You Trust

Trekking is in our DNA. The whole notion of GeoEx (first called InnerAsia) was sparked during a groundbreaking trek in Tibet back in 1981. We were issued the first permits for Westerners to visit Namcha Barwa in the Tibetan Himalaya (then the world’s highest unclimbed mountain), for the first overland journey from Lhasa west to Mount Kailas and on to Kashgar, for the first trek to the base camp of K-2 in the China Karakoram, and more. Since then we’ve grown as a company and as people, and expanded our offerings to include other modes of exploring on all seven continents. But at our heart is trekking. We love it. We know it. And we do it exceptionally well.

View of Mount Everest from the inside of a tent in Tibet with GeoEx.
Hikers drink tea at Lake 69 in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Andes Mountains, Peru with GeoEx.

Securing the Right Trip Leaders, Staff & Equipment

Trekking, especially at high elevation in seriously remote places, is wonderfully thrilling and tremendously rewarding—and carries inherent risk. That’s why GeoEx insists on meticulously planning and preparing our treks, far more than most outfitters in the business.

“I probably could not have planned these trips on my own and certainly not with the efficiency and smoothness of execution that GeoEx offers, especially in the face of the disruptions and surprises that adventure travel can bring.“ –Peter K.

Being Prepared

Plan A: Avoid Problems Altogether
We carefully select safe routes, well-trained staff, top-notch gear, and experienced trip leaders who can manage a large staff and make smart calls on the trails.

Plan B: Should Something Go Wrong
If there is a problem, we are equipped to respond. The leaders and guides are trained as first responders, and our in-country representatives work skillfully with them to handle emergencies in the backcountry. Every expedition goes out with a satellite phone, and those that hit high altitudes are provided with Gamaw bags and oxygen. For our most remote, rigorous treks, we seek out physicians to join.

Additionally, GeoEx has constructed one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry, one that includes nearly round-the-clock emergency assistance. After joining a GeoEx trek and being cleared by your doctor (another important step for safe trekking), you’ll embark with the support of our state-of-the-art safety net. At no extra cost, you have medical expense insurance and access to emergency medical evacuation and medical advisory services.

“As a leader you need to be constantly vigilant about the terrain and weather conditions, and tuned in to your inner voice. Once on the Snow Lake Trek in Pakistan, while descending from the high pass, we got caught in an unexpected storm and whiteout. I insisted that we—six guests and eight staff—camp right there, cramped in a tiny spot at 16,000 feet. The next morning was clear and as we descended, we saw countless open crevasses in the snow and ice. Had we gone down the afternoon before, it would have been a disaster.”Vassi Koutsaftis, GeoEx trip leader

Masters of Complex Logistics

When you plan your trek in that distant land, you want to work with an expert who knows the ins and outs of the place, understands how the complex moving parts fit together, and can deal with the local red tape on the fly. Have you ever negotiated moving oxygen canisters across the Nepal-China border? Or had to coordinate getting supplies through jungly valleys and 15,000-foot passes in the Andes? The good news is that our mountain trekking specialists have. Our experience and long-standing in-country connections enable us to find excellent local guides; wrangle high-quality tents, sleeping bags, and safety equipment; keep our pulse on the best routes; and negotiate the curveballs that regularly come the way of trekkers in these destinations.

It’s The Little Things

Simply getting to and from a far-flung trek can be uniquely challenging. Our in-house air team is at your service to line up those odd flights that most people don’t know exist or find alternatives if that airline doesn’t arrive. And our destination experts are happy to connect your trek with some inspired cultural touring or relaxed beach time. Imagine coming off the trail to overnight at a Tibetan temple just in time for a ceremony, or swapping quinoa and trout at camp for fine dining at a Lima hot spot.

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