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Kristina Tuohey

Kristina Tuohey with GeoEx

Managing Director, Product Development

Whether it’s trekking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan or interacting with indigenous Akha people in rural Laos, Kristina revels in introducing travelers to areas and experiences they may otherwise overlook. “I love helping people get a new perspective,” says Kristina. “That is so rewarding.”

Kristina had her first passport by the time she was six months old and was already spending summers in her mom’s native Finland as a baby. “I credit my mom for my love for travel,” she says. Kristina’s love for travel—and especially Asia—has her returning to the continent time and time again. She’s explored Thailand across multiple seasons, enjoyed home-cooked meals in tiny whitewashed homes surrounded by the Indian Himalaya, spearheaded GeoEx’s first pioneering journeys into Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, and watched the sunrise over the Taj Mahal.

With more than 15 years of trip planning under her belt, Kristina has extensive experience putting together logistically ambitious trips in far-flung corners from China to Turkey. She’s continuously peeling away Asia’s many layers to find new and hidden gems for her travelers. Central Asia, for instance: “It’s underrated,” says Kristina, “and while it’s not for the faint of heart, there’s so much to discover. Beyond the Silk Road there’s the Great Game, stunning architecture, incredible artisans, Soviet and Islamic history… The list goes on.”

Kristina is always finding authentic, immersive, and eye-opening experiences for her travelers, from a Hanoi culinary tour with a Vietnamese foodie specialist to a private candlelight dinner at one of Cambodia’s Angkor temples or an afternoon of hands-on rice farming alongside villagers near Chiang Mai. “I strive to make each journey special,” she says, “and maybe fold in a surprise or two along the way.”

“There were a number of needs we had and Kristina met every one of them. No detail went unchecked or unconfirmed.” – Mary Ann M.

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