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Edwin d’Haens

Edwin d'Haens at the Taj Mahal in India with GeoEx

Managing Director, Group Departures

Born and raised amidst the tulip fields of the Netherlands, Edwin caught the travel bug early and has been chasing the thrills of travel ever since. His early wanderings brought him across Europe, from the beaches of Santorini to the world’s northernmost university in Tromsø, Norway. After moving to San Francisco 25 years ago, he’s broadened his explorations, reaching places as far flung as Kenya, Japan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Argentina, Colombia, India, Bhutan, and Antarctica.

After starting out as a guide in 1993, he has held a wide variety of positions in trip planning, sales, and operations. As Managing Director he currently handles many of GeoEx’s group departures all over the globe.

“Edwin was so gracious, patient, and helpful in the planning of this trip. Great service and I really enjoyed working with him!” – Lizann G.

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