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Why GeoEx for Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan with GeoEx

The surpassingly lovely, friendly, and pacific kingdom of Bhutan is one of the world’s most entrancing travel destinations. GeoEx sends more travelers to Bhutan than any other American company, and we don’t think any company anywhere is better at designing and operating trips here. We choreograph escapades for textile, art, and craft fanciers; for fans of Vajrayana Buddhism; for trekkers seeking slopes and families and friends gasping at remote festivals. Only GeoEx, with its long history in Bhutan, can easily cut through the red tape to set up such cutting-edge tours.

Unrivaled Experience & Knowledge

GeoEx took its first group to Bhutan in 1985, and we have been leading trips, crafting itineraries, and nurturing our in-country connections ever since. Our trip leaders have traveled to Bhutan dozens of times, and more than half of our staff has also explored the kingdom widely, bringing back important, on-the-ground information.

Personal, Highly Individualized Service

We are there for you from our first conversation to your return home, sharing our insider information, discussing the ins and outs of your Bhutan trip, arranging complex flight routings, and stepping in should the need arise. You can expect:

  • one‐on‐one conversations with Bhutan experts, addressing questions and individual needs and interests
  • flight-booking assistance from our in-house, full-service air team
  • trip extensions tailored to your interests and preferences (Angkor Wat, for example, makes a great tie-in.)

The Best bhutan Trip Leaders & Guides

Since the start, we’ve worked with the best local representatives in Bhutan, folks responsible for shaping their country’s fledgling tourism industry. Many of our leaders—all trained to exacting standards—were among the first licensed guides in the country. Together we ensure that you’re well taken care of and get the most out of your trip.

“What a fantastic trip! It could not have been better—we loved the itinerary, the country was even more interesting, rich, and welcoming than we had imagined, and Tsewang was the best guide we have ever had on any trip, anywhere.” –Anne L.

Unparalleled Flexibility & Insider Access

You can join one of our Group Trips or have a Bhutan expert pull from countless options to create a Custom Trip just for you and your companions. Either way, you’ll appreciate our knack for providing special access to unique events, people, and places. From arranging dinner with local dignitaries to getting inside local homes and restricted temples, we open doors that other companies simply cannot. GeoEx knows how (and loves) to take travelers off the typical routes in Bhutan, reaching more distant, rarely visited, wonderfully enchanting regions. For example, we trek with one of our longtime guides to his ancestral home in captivating central Bhutan, and we venture far into eastern Bhutan for beautiful and spectacularly unusual Himalayan experiences amid the kingdom’s remote vales and hospitable Brokpa yak herders.

Value & Quality That’s a Step Above

We urge you to look below the price tag. GeoEx trip pricing includes:

  • top-notch hotels and trekking equipment
  • private ground transport
  • expert guide services
  • most meals
  • Bhutan visa fees
  • staff tips (other than for your GeoEx trip leader)
  • government royalties
  • assistance with booking flights
  • assistance with Druk Air check-in
  • medical and evacuation insurance

Exceptional Attention to Care & Safety

GeoEx has one of the industry’s most comprehensive risk management programs, and our equipment and ground staff in Bhutan are part of the picture.

  • All of our trip leaders have undergone first responder training.
  • Our in-country representative is the logistics coordinator for iSOS and Travel Guard in Bhutan.
  • We carefully select safe trekking routes, well-trained staff, top-notch gear, and experienced trip leaders who know how to manage staff and are able to make smart calls on the trail.

Bhutan Traveler Testimonials

Karen Greenspan

Why I Chose Bhutan:
Being avid hikers, my husband and I signed up for A Hiker’s Paradise, one of GeoEx’s Group Trips to Bhutan. We learned two weeks before leaving that we two comprised the entire group! I was rather fond of group adventures, but I was going on a private journey. Never before having traveled to Asia, I simply landed on this destination as a means to experience the iconic Himalaya with the least amount of altitude sickness.

The itinerary included attending a Bhutanese sacred dance festival. The bright colorful spectacle with its primal sounds and movement patterns awoke a long dormant part of my previous education and interest—ethnic dance history and performance.

The fortuitous change in the character of our trip led to my imagining another journey individually tailored to my unique interest in dance and culture. My husband and I returned to Bhutan after I asked GeoEx to arrange for me to study Bhutanese folkdance with the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. I have since done further research and written several articles on the subject. Now I have a rich network of friends and colleagues in the performing arts in Bhutan. We continue to communicate and enrich each other’s projects.

When I travel I want to guarantee the best possible outcome given my time limitations and the financial investment necessary to travel afar. I know I can count on GeoEx to make this happen.

Peter Van Kuran

My Recent Trip:
My recent trip to Bhutan is a good example of how GeoEx shines. Our guide provided excellent local insight into the cultural and historic sites we visited in the front country, and was also able to organize two visits to yak herder families while we were in the backcountry. One evening we danced and sang late into the evening high above the timberline. We also had an interesting discussion about the positive impact technology, especially cellular, was having on their lives. We even got a chance to try our hand at Bhutan’s national sport, archery, under the watchful eye of Chomolhari. It took a while, but I finally hit the target even though I had the advantage of the thinner air at 13,000 feet. It is these kinds of experiences that don’t make it into the brochure, but make for lasting memories and testify to the value of GeoEx.

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