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Considering the country’s geographical size and all it has to offer—a wealth of diverse cuisines, architectural gems, vibrant indigenous cultures, alluring colonial cities, and pristine beaches—we find no limit of safe, wonderful Mexico travel options to offer our guests.

Is Mexico safe to visit?

Anyone feeling concerned about US State Department travel warnings may be interested to know that France and Germany currently carry the same designation as Mexico: level 2, “exercise increased caution.”

Because of increased crime in certain states of Mexico, the opinions in the media vary enough to make travelers unsure which are the safest places to visit in Mexico. Mexico is well worth visiting, and our guidance and some research will provide peace of mind..

How do I stay safe while traveling in Mexico?

GeoEx has you covered with one of the most comprehensive risk-management programs in the travel industry. Because we specialize in hard-to-reach destinations, it has been vital for us to master logistical, security, medical, and financial risks. We carefully monitor travel conditions in Mexico and maintain nearly round-the-clock logistics, air, security, and emergency assistance. Rest assured that GeoEx is at the ready to discuss safety with you. Your journey should be about journeying, not worrying.

Safety Tips & Advice

We encourage you to call us with your questions. We constantly compare ourselves to the highest travel safety standards and urge you to do the same. The State Department maintains a traveler’s checklist, which advises how to be prepared for international travel. Government warnings include precautions travelers should always take when visiting any big city, such as: being aware of your surroundings; being vigilant when using the ATM; driving toll roads rather than smaller roads at night; staying alert at bars and casinos, and avoiding displays of wealth, like expensive jewelry and fancy watches.

Where are the safest places to visit in Mexico?

GeoEx specializes in Custom Travel in Mexico, which provides the maximum flexibility in activities and routing. We work closely with our in-country colleagues to tailor itineraries to you and to weave in the safest places to visit in Mexico. The State Department also keeps an updated advisory list of Mexico states. Together, we have the information we need to determine the best places to go.

In response to the common question, “Is Mexico a safe place to visit?” a Lonely Planet article showcased a bevy of enjoyable villages, beaches, and cities among the safest places to visit in Mexico. Some of our favorites on the list include Mexico City (whose crime rate is lower than many US cities), and the charming town of San Miguel de Allende, only a few hours drive from the capital.

If you’re itching for beach time along the stunning Yucatán Peninsula, we suggest time in colonial Mérida for culture and excellent local cuisine. If Baja is on your list, we recommend a stint in Todos Santos before settling down into your well-appointed, uniquely Mexican ocean-side digs. We’re also enamored with the state of Oaxaca, whose namesake city was founded by the Aztecs and whose Zapotec pyramids in Monte Albán are just one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Read about the Oaxaca festivals most popular with the locals. And we’ve long been taken with the gorges of Copper Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon and graced with tropical jungles as you descend.

GeoEx destination specialists are standing by with more ideas and to help you start planning. Give them a call at 888-570-7108.

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