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Intoxicatingly colorful, deeply intriguing, and actively defining a new era, Cuba is a place like no other. Crumbling colonial masterpieces line streets that rumble with ‘59 Chevys and pulse with music and hopeful determination. Through our well-established program—GeoEx has been navigating the regulations of Cuba travel since 2000—we bring you the best of this compelling island nation, introducing you to its beauty, its complexity, and its welcoming people.

Cuba Immersive Travel

To gain insight into Cuba’s past, present, and future, we connect with musicians, historians, artists, entrepreneurs, and diplomats, who cheerfully welcome us, intent on sharing thoughts and feelings about their country and experiences. Our great variety of activities and unrivaled private options offer an enthralling and illuminating journey into the heart of this singular nation.

“Each guide, scholar, diplomat, reporter, performing artist, farmer, and agronomist was knowledgeable, able to impart information and answer questions, and give us both a feel for and knowledge about Cuba. I think I deserve a PhD. I haven’t stopped talking about the trip, and all I learned and saw and experienced.” –Judith S.

Smaller Groups Make For Better Trips through Cuba

We keep our Cuba Scheduled Group Trips small (no more than 12 guests—or as few as 2 on our private journeys), so we can enjoy increased access and participation. It’s unlikely that a group of 25 would be invited into a small workshop for a chat with artists or to an intimate gathering in a private home.

“I don’t believe GeoEx could have changed anything. The guides were superb. Our group was most enjoyable, a delightful mix that would be hard to repeat. I can’t get over how mobile it felt to be 9 or 10 people—that the size of the group allowed for a flexibility not possible in larger groups. That point will stay with me as I consider travel in the future.” –Nancy B.

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