Trek Adventures: Choosing a Destination & Other Considerations

Choosing Your Trek

Getting You On The Right Path

Trekking is exhilarating and empowering, but the considerations that go into doing it safely and enjoyably are enough to stop you in your tracks—especially if you’ve never trekked before.

“One thing that was amazing was the logistics for the trip. From the moment I arrived in Nepal to the moment I left Bhutan, every detail was managed. There were no mix-ups or miscommunications. Everything went very smoothly. That made the travel experience even better, and frankly I hadn’t thought about how valuable that coordination and planning for pick-ups and drivers, etc., was.” –Denise K.

The level of planning for a successful trek adventure is astounding. You need to figure out the right timing, gear, routes, pace, guides, support, food…The list goes on and on. Then throw in the added complications when doing expeditions in exotic locales like Tibet or Mongolia, and the logistical challenges and risks skyrocket. GeoEx’s trekking gurus are adept not only at orchestrating expeditions in far-flung destinations, but also in discerning which treks are a good fit for you.

We’ll walk you through our varied portfolio of carefully crafted treks around the world and help find the right adventure for you, whether it’s a lighter trek suitable for first-timers or something more rigorous for experienced trekkers.

How To Choose Your Trek

To get you started, our experts offer these important considerations in choosing your trek:

Safety: Are You In Good Hands?
Trekking can mean testing yourself against the elements, elevation, and physical demands—usually in very remote places. GeoEx is deeply invested in safety, sending our carefully planned treks out with experienced leaders, satellite phones, Gamaw bags, and oxygen. We also include medical advisory service (with an EMT on call 24/7) and emergency evacuation insurance.

Difficulty: What’s Your Level?
For your enjoyment and safety, it’s critical to select a trek that aligns with your level of fitness and experience. GeoEx offers exceptional options for a wide-range of travelers, from day hikers who are ready for more and folks who’ve already bagged countless peaks. We’ll help find the right adventure for you.

Comfort: What’s Your Style?
Accommodations on trek range from dome-style backpacking tents to comfortable lodges, complete with real beds and hot showers. Even the most rustic of GeoEx expeditions are surprisingly deluxe. For all treks, we provide inspiring food options, camp chairs, dining tents, private toilets, and unexpected touches, such as a warm water for washing.

Support: Want to Lighten Your Load?
On GeoEx treks, we take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the hiking and scenery. Depending on the region, backpacks and camp gear are transported by yaks, mules, horses, llamas, or Baactrian camels. In Nepal we employ highly reliable porters. All you need to carry is your day pack with essentials—plus your camera.

Timing: When to Go?
You know that planning your trek for the right time of year is key, but what month marks the start of fall in Peru, and when are the key festivals in Bhutan? Our experts are delighted to explain the optimal time for each destination, trek, and interest: there’s something for every season.

What to Expect on a Typical Day (Easy to Moderate Trek)

  • Morning: Before emerging from your tent, you’re brought hot tea or coffee, then a basin of warm water for freshening up. A hearty breakfast—from muesli to eggs and pancakes—is served in our spacious dining tent, while our staff breaks camp and organizes loads.
  • The hike: Day packs in hand, we hit the trail by 9:00 a.m. and hike at our own pace, stopping to take photos and soak in the scenery. Our staff moves ahead to scope out our lunch spot, usually a lovely meadow or ridge that makes our hot meal taste even better. Upon arrival at our next camp (sometimes as early as 1:00 p.m.), we are greeted with snacks and beverages, and have the afternoon to explore further or relax in comfy chairs (already set up by our miracle-spinning crew).
  • Evening: We regroup for a mouth-watering dinner—perhaps asparagus, sweet potatoes, and steak in Peru, or pizza and salad in Nepal—then settle in for mesmerizing storytelling and stargazing. We’re brought more warm water for washing before bedding down for the night.

“Our Nepalese cook was excellent. He provided us with very good meals in most difficult conditions. I loved his dal and pasta preparations!” –Ravindra V.

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