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Welcome to the New Recce

By Don George | October 16, 2012

Dear friend of Recce,

Thank you very much for your ongoing interest in our online literary travel offerings. I’m very excited to announce that beginning today those offerings will be brought to you on a much more timely basis as a new blog on the redesigned GeoEx website.

The Recce blog – www.geoex.com/blog – is launching with a half dozen of our best features from past issues. Going forward, you’ll see that while our format has changed, our commitment to bringing you the highest quality content remains the same. Recce will continue to present a robust mix of original essays and tales from acclaimed and up-and-coming writers, exhilarating excerpts from the best new travel books, provocative interviews with travel pioneers, and illuminating portfolios from distinguished photographers. In addition, we’ll be expanding our content to include dispatches, photos and videos from GeoEx staffers’ and travelers’ adventures in the field.

I’m tremendously excited about this new phase in Recce’s own adventure, and I hope very much that you’ll join us on this editorial odyssey. As always, I value your feedback immensely and I look forward to hearing from you.

For now, please join me in a metaphorical toast to our ongoing adventures: Cheers!

With all best wishes,

Don George
Editor in Chief


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