Rediscovering Scotland: A Conversation with Carolyn McIntyre | GeoEx
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Rediscovering Scotland: A Conversation with Carolyn McIntyre

By Don George | March 17, 2022

GeoEx trip leader Carolyn McIntyre

One of our most beloved trip leaders, Carolyn McIntyre has been inspiring and enlightening GeoEx travelers since leading an intrepid group to Yemen in 1998. In the decades since then, the world-wandering scholar has taken GeoEx groups to more than a dozen countries, including Tunisia, Lebanon, Iran, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. We are extremely excited that this September, Carolyn will be leading our first group trips exploring the off-the-beaten-path riches of her native Scotland. I recently spoke with her about the highlights and heart of this trailblazing journey, Scotland Sojourn: Secrets of the Southwest Coast

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Diana M Chang
Diana M Chang
2 years ago

How wonderful to have Carolyn back. I took a memorable trip with her on the Silk Road years ago. She is one of the most competent, knowledgeable and overall superior tour leaders I’ve ever had. I can’t praise her enough. i’ve tried to keep up with her on her website, Girl Solo in Arabia. It’s nice to know she’s happily in a different place in her life in more ways than one. Am certainly considering Scotland as my next trip!

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