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Meet Our Treasured GeoEx Leaders & Guides

By Alysa Pakkidis | May 21, 2020

As sheltering-in-place has grounded travel around the world, we thought we’d bring to you a part of what makes our trips so special—our esteemed trip leaders and guides! Greeting GeoEx travelers, they talk about what they love in the places where they lead trips and what they’re looking forward to when it’s safe to wander the wide world again.

Don George: Japan

Sara Barbieri: Pakistan

Peter Hillary: Himalayas (Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan)

Bill Jones: Algeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Brad Hansen: Tanzania, Congo, Central African Republic, Chad

Bart Jordans: Bhutan

Lee Fuller: Madagascar, Southern Africa

Kalea Wiseman: Cuba

Sunil Ekanayake: Sri Lanka

Merlin Lipshitz: Patagonia

Manoj Sharma: India (Ladakh)

Ishee Battulga: Mongolia

Shanitha Fernando: Sri Lanka

Tese Wintz Neighbor: Central Asia

Bisher Alissa: Algeria

Sylvie Franquet: Egypt, Iran

* * * * *

We’d love to hear from you: Have you traveled with any of these adventure tour guides? Is there a guide you’d like to travel with? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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Tracy Steelhammer
Tracy Steelhammer
3 years ago

Bill Jones, Bisher Alissa, and Brad Hansen mentioned future trips to Algeria and Chad. Wow! Definitely off the beaten path. Aside from all the usual caveats related to Covid-19, I’m excited. Besides which, my wife and I would enjoy traveling with Bill again.

Bill Jones
Bill Jones
3 years ago

Hi Tracy, I’m down to lead the October 2020 and September 2021trips to Algeria. It would be a delight travelling with you and Jerri once again. I hope you are both well and thriving despite the current problems. Fondest regards, Bill

Karin Sennstrom
Karin Sennstrom
3 years ago

What a nice glimpse of your very special trip leaders and guides introducing Geo Ex incredible destinations !

Mary Bethe Wright
Mary Bethe Wright
3 years ago

I traveled with Ishee in Mongolia. One of the highlights of my life; a trip I will always cherish and never forget! He was wonderful! He visited with us in Alaska three years later and we had a great time.

Anne Jeffery
Anne Jeffery
3 years ago

Loved hearing from all of the leaders and guides!

Donna Gerstenfeld
Donna Gerstenfeld
3 years ago

I would certainly be interested in Tanzania, with Brad, and Botswana with Lee. Thank you.

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