Important Things to Pack on a Trip: Smart Travel Accessories
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Eight Important Things You Probably Don’t Pack on a Trip (But Should)

By GeoEx staff | February 13, 2024

As much as many people like traveling light, they also relish the feeling of being well prepared. That’s why there’s always room in a suitcase for lightweight pieces of travel gear that eliminate hassles or make life easier. Here are eight nonessential smart travel accessories to throw in your suitcase for your next trip.

1.  An extension cord

6-foot extension cord with three outlets will end the usual bedside outlet power struggles and bring electricity where it’s needed for phones, laptops, and tablets. Many hotel rooms have plenty of outlets in convenient places, but unfortunately an equal number do not. Better to be prepared. Make sure the extension cord is compatible with the country being traveled to, and if not, bring an adapter.

2.  Powder sunscreen

Powder sunscreen is amazing stuff that many haven’t yet discovered. Because it’s a powder, it can simultaneously protect against baggage delays, the TSA screening process, and strong sun rays. It’s perfect for situations where there’s little time between landing and outdoor activities under the sun.

3.  Dry shampoo

While dry shampoo is definitely having a moment, it’s been around at least since Victorian times when frequent bathing wasn’t exactly de rigueur. After an overnight flight, bus ride, or train trip, massage the powder into the roots, wait two minutes, and then brush it out. Goodbye oil, hello illusion of cleanliness!

4.  A nightlight

At home, many are happy to sleep in a room as dark as a crypt. In an unfamiliar hotel room (or rented apartment), however, it’s a little trickier to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. That’s why keeping a nightlight tucked into the side pocket of a suitcase is wise. It’s worth bringing a spare too, because they’re very easy to leave behind.

5.  White noise app

This isn’t something to pack so much as download, but it has changed the way many sleep when traveling. Apps that play white noise or nature sounds can help travelers sleep through loud nighttime noises like nearby sirens or construction.

6.  Sleep mask

For those overnight flights or hotel rooms with bright outdoor lighting, a sleep mask is an absolute must-have to block out any disruptive light. Look for one with an adjustable strap and contoured design for maximum light blocking and comfort. Once you get used to sleeping with a mask on trips, you’ll never go anywhere without it again!

7.  Binder clips 

Sometimes you may find yourself in a hotel with blackout curtains that aren’t quite up to par. Even a tiny gap can let in a lot of light. Throwing a couple of binder clips in luggage allows easy arrangement of the window coverings.

8.  Portable phone charger

These battery packs are literal life-savers when you’re on-the-go and your phone’s battery is draining faster than you can find an outlet. A quality portable charger allows you to keep your phone juiced up for maps, messaging, catching up on emails, and all the other ways we rely on our phones when traveling. Look for one with a high capacity that can recharge your phone multiple times before needing to be recharged itself.


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