Cuba: Why Go Now | Are American Citizens Allowed to Travel to Cuba
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Cuba: Why Travel Now

By GeoEx Staff | May 14, 2018

Recently we have received numerous inquiries asking if American citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba. So we posed this question to our Cuba expert, Jennine Cohen. Here’s her response:

“I’m happy to report that American travelers can definitely still visit Cuba with GeoEx. We offer both Group and Custom Trips, as well as a special Cuba Family Explorer trip.

And in fact, this is an excellent time to visit Cuba. The crowds that had begun to inundate some sites and activities half a year ago have since diminished, so we have the best paladares, boutique hotels, artists’ galleries, and dance studios mostly to ourselves. The connections that we have been forging since 2000 are stronger than ever, and our Cuban friends are eager to welcome us and share their lives and passions. It is a wonderful time to visit this fascinating country!”

Cuban Ballet Folklorico practicing in Havana, Cuba

Casa Fuster, the studio and home of Jose Fuster in Jaimanitas, Cuba.

Rumba singer in Havana, Cuba

La Reserva, a private bed and breakfast located in the vibrant neighborhood of El Vedado

Cuba's National Ballet students practicing in Havana

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To find out more about visiting Cuba, including who can travel there, check out our FAQ page or give GeoEx’s destination specialists a call at 888-570-7108.

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